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Dec 17, 2011 08:36 AM

Two days in Paris

My wife and I will be in Paris December 28-30 and are looking for recommendations for great food. We live in New York and know the restaurants very well there, so are most interested in things that aren't available or not as good in NYC.

We are staying near the Opera but also willing to travel around the city for the best food, from neighborhood bistros and patisseries to Moroccan and Chinese/Vietnamese, as well as high end (but preferably not too stuffy) French places. What are the can't-miss places?

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  1. This thread covers the area and dates similar to yours.

    This thread covers similar dates and the entire Paris.

    Chowhound has a moronic new unwritten rule removing all suggestions that posters use the search function. It does not want you to know that a search function exists. Too bad because the function is very useful.

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      Let's see. If you search the search function for restaurants open for that period, you will get the post by Meg. Let's see how long this suggestion lasts!

    2. Lunch at the restaurant under the clock in the Musée d'Orsay. Maybe the best museum restaurant I ever found. Dinner at Chez Dumonet, VIe, 117 Rue Du Cherche-Midi. Traditional, patina-enhanced bistro with very friendly staff.

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        The food at Musée d'Orasy would not fly as a stand alone operation and is not a good value. But it is convenient, and the room is stunning.

        To find much better in a museum, you need only go to Angelina in the Louvre which is a satellite of a respected café. Prices are high, but so is the quality. We had three of four dishes that wowwed us, including a braised veal, steak tartare, and a risotto.

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          Agree on the Musée d'Orsay restaurant.
          I would avoid lunching in museums in general. It's like lunching in a Paris airport. The only way to eat well is to lower your expectation severely.
          The only exception I would make is the musée Jacquemart-André, where one lunches under a huge Tiepolo.

      2. For me, Passage 53 and Septime. I also like Spring and Agape Substance.

        1. When the weather is damp and cold, afternoon tea at Mariage Frères in the Marais is warm and cozy, and the tea is fantastic.