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Dec 17, 2011 07:40 AM

Eataly coming to Philly?

It looks close, according to Michael Klein.

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  1. Interesting location. And certainly won't help the true Italian Market.

    1. How interesting! I wonder if it will house the same variety of restaurants that Eataly in NYC has. One thing I'm quite certain of -- they won't be selling the wines found in the NYC outpost.

      1. I really hope this happens ..........we carve out extra time on trips to New York to spend time at Eataly .........this would for sure increase our trips to Philly ..........I am kind of freaking out with exceitment over the possibility

        1. Don't get too excited. Michael Klein just posted an update that it's not the actual Eataly, but a similar concept. Oh well. That would have been fun.

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          1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

            Oh, well... one more reason to visit NYC more often.

            1. re: CindyJ

              Is Eataly really that much better than DiBruno Bros and the shops in Reading Terminal and the Italian Market?

              And to be honest, I'd prefer to see a Garces or Vetri run similar, locally owned concept, with the assumption that they would do an excellent job and complement what our city already has. Or maybe a DiBruno's mega-store. Any city can have a branch of an NYC chain (Eataly is going open in DC), we could have something unique and worth visiting on its own merits.

              A spanish-themed store like this by Garces would be cool.

              1. re: barryg

                There are many reasons it is not better, but one big one that it is. When last there saw so many products l have never seen before or multiple brands of previously seen products from only one producer. For example, they had four types of Mostardo di Cremona, last time that many seen was in Cremona; they had five kinds of farro, never seen more than 2 and l worked at D&D. Because of the scale of size of the Manhattan store, they can have so much, pastries and cookies not seen on this side of the Atlantic before. If the store id smaller, as l suspect the DC one will be, the store will be concentrating more on the restaurant side and not the product side, damn.

                1. re: barryg

                  You can't really compare Eataly to DiBruno's or RTM. Eataly has a huge variety of high-end and hard-to-find products under one roof. Their imported pasta selection is awesome as is the variety of breads just out of the oven. They've got fresh porcini mushrooms and their pastries are unlike anything I've ever seen in this area. You get the picture...

                  1. re: CindyJ

                    I've purchased fresh porcini mushrooms at DiBruno's.

                    1. re: Boognish

                      I have also found fresh porcini at Iovine's in the RTM, but I agree that overall, Eataly has a broader selection of products than can be found in any one place in Philly, and some that can't be found here at all. For me, though, the fun of Eataly is all the wonderful prepared foods, so that one can graze your way through while picking up fun ingredients to use at home. It is the overall experience that isn't captured by anything we have here currently.

                      1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

                        Especially in The Gallery :)...

                        Just about anything (well except for a casino) would be an improvement to the old Strawbridge's property. And it's far enough away from either DiBruno's locations so that it should not adversely affect their business. Hopefully RTM's business won't take a hit.

                        1. re: bluehensfan

                          Any Eataly-like concept will complement RTM, not directly compete with it. It will make Market East an even more attractive draw for food lovers.

                    2. re: CindyJ

                      The comparison of NYC Eataly to Philadelphia DiBruno or RTM is probably in the same proportion as most other comparisons between the two cities. A huge multicultural megapolis, world class city, center of and the arts and a lovely second tier US city; just as most Philadelphians would want it. I would welcome the appropriate subset of Eataly or other to establish new standards in quality and variety and challenge the local status quo of establishments which seem to project " the only game in town"'feel.