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Dec 17, 2011 06:40 AM

lamb and potatoes

Does anyone have a recipe for lamb and potatoes where you roast them in the same pan? would like the poatatoes to be crispy or have crisy spots. thanks.

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  1. You should mention which cut of lamb you prefer....leg, rack, breast shoulder and etc. The best way to get crispy potatoes is to par boil them and use the renderings from the roast to crisp them in the same roasting pan will give you mixed results.

    1. We usually roast potatoes if we're roasting, say, a leg or shoulder of lamb. No need for a recipe just put them in for however long you normally roast potatoes for - usually about 45 minutes with us.

      1. the exposed bit of potato will be crunchy, but anything covered or sitting in the resulting jus will be soft. i typically slow roast lamb for many hours, so cannot cook spuds for that long. how are you cooking the lamb? what cut?