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Dec 17, 2011 05:49 AM

Lunch in or Near Suffern

I live near Clinton, NJ. A friend lives in Shelton, CT and we want to meet about half way for lunch next week. Suffern seems to fit so I'm wondering if someone can recommend a good spot. We do not know the area at all so it would obviously help if the restaurant is easily accessible from the major highways. We're both very flexible when it comes to cuisine but would like to avoid Indian because we've done that so many times. A liquor license would be a definite plus.

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  1. There's a Greek place, Plaka Taverna, downtown that's really good. It's on Orange Ave. (Route 202), almost at the corner of Lafayette (Route 59) and across from the train station. Ravi is another option and it's also on Lafayette.

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      Is the "Grand Opening" sign still up at Plaka? I wasn't sure how long they've been open. I thought it was since Sept. or Oct. Has anyone else been there -- any more activity? I spoke with a couple of friends and they said when they went the place was empty. One couple sitting at a table by the bar, and one other couple had just left the dining room.

      What are your thoughts on Ravi? I have to take a friend to dinner was thinking of giving it a shot. Heard some (close to) mixed reviews. Thanks in advance.

    2. Try Sutter's Mill, right off Thruway Exit 14B on the corner of Airmont Road and Rte 59. They have a separate dining room if you don't want to sit in the bar area, and they have a huge and diverse menu. One of the best burgers in Rockland County, and a real bargain. Plus, they have good fish and chips, chicken parm hero, onion rings. Plus, there's the bar...

      And across the street are 2 other options, the Airmont Diner, and also Pasta Cucina. But I do recommend Sutter's Mill.

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        i know the poster has found their place - but wanted to chime in that we are true Sutters Mill burger fans - not just the best in rockland - but haven't found another that we think compares!

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          True. the Poster already found their place, but Smilingal, I'm glad to see that my parents, sister and family, and my own family are not the only ones who feel that Sutter's Mill has a wonderful burger! Glad to see that there are other fans out there! We did try the nearby Shamrock Hotel burgers, but found that Sutter's Mill is better. You just don't get a better burger in the area!

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            i am not familiar with shamrock hotel - we had been sent to Rhodes Tavern as a comparable contest but Sutter's won! We even bring in - and the only thing we ever get at Sutters are the bacon cheeseburgers - one with well done french fries the other with onion rings= and we share!. on a rare occasion i will get the chicken bacon cheese sandwich.

      2. Thanks for the suggestions. They arrived just in time! We ended up at Plaka, where we had a pretty decent lunch. I've been to better Greek restaurants but I would go back there if I'm in the area again. One disturbing thing though was that during the entire two and a half hours we were there no one else came in! There were a couple of people at the bar but that was it. I hope this restaurant packs them in on the weekend, otherwise it won't last long.

        1. Glad everything worked out. Sutter's is a very good choice -- and yes, a very good burger. Interesting observation about Plaka as I found the same thing. I stopped in one night to get a couple of gyros to go -- and there wasn't another person in the entire place. Maybe it was a bit late for during the week. I think it was around 830pm or so. Anyway, the gyros were ok -- with gyros to go sometimes, it is what it is, LOL.

          Rhodes would have been a very good choice too. Just a few miles up Franklin Tpk./Orange Ave./202 or whatever you want to call that road, LOL.

          1. Not a lot of decent dining options near Suffern. I would suggest skewing your meeting about 10 miles east to Nyack. Google maps says 70 miles from Clinton and 58 miles from Shelton. But Nyack is a very cool town, lots of shoppes to window shop around if the weather is good, with loads of excellent choices for lunch.

            Art Cafe
            Old Village Inn
            Bourbon Street
            Didier Dumas
            Alain's Bistro
            La Fontana

            Consider Nyack!!

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              To append/emend Menton1's list: Also consider Hudson House, O'Donoghue's, Cafe Barcel, or Velo (albeit dinner only for the latter). Lefteris, however, is on the other side of the river.

              For in Suffern, I can definitely recommend Ravi's. Not too far away, in Airmont, is a very good Turkish place, Turkois Grille, that has a three-course lunch menu that's around 12 bucks. Great food, good value.
              In Nanuet, there's Karavalli Indian restaurant. They have a lunch buffet that, like their regular menu, goes beyond the standard stuff.

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                My cousins who live in Montvale took me to Turkois Grille in Airmont last Sunday and it was fantastic. The dips were great. amazing freshly baked pide bread. I had the Manti entree, best I've had in many Turkish places in NYC, my cousins can't seem to order anything but the lamb kebab as they love it so much. The service was very attentive as well. I'd highly recommend it to anyone, I hope it gets some buzz on the NJ board as well since it's so close. Surprised yours was the only mention of this place on the site, JRBlack.