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Dec 17, 2011 05:06 AM

Baking snafu: espresso powder and malted milk powder seized up......any way to save them?

Both of these ingredients became a solid mass in my cupboard (from now on, they'll be stored in the freezer). They are both kind of pricey around here (and tough to find) so I hate to toss them. And, sure enough, both are on my ingredient list for Holiday baking. Any advice to revive them?

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  1. Can you dump the stuff in a bag and smash it up with a mallet? or may pulse in a food processor?

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    1. re: wyogal

      I'm afraid it will stick to the processor blade, plus mine is a 14 cup gal, the products are too small, I think.

      1. re: kmlmgm

        How much do you need for your recipes? Cocoa should be able to be sifted or broken up with a spice grater. The milk powder might be SOL because it got wet.

        1. re: kmlmgm

          what about smashing it in a bag?

          1. re: kmlmgm

            Use the grating blade in the Processor first, then the regular blade to reduce back to powder. Or use a coffee/spice grinder.

        2. Maybe you could try to freeze it (or completely re-dehydrate it) then grate it or spice grind it. The milk might be harder to work with because of the casein.

          1. I've always had success at just banging the jar or stirring.

            1. Try breaking them up as best you can, then dumping the chunks into a blender and pulsing to a fine powder.

              1. my condolences. that happened to my Horlick's. it was mostly unsalvageable. i did incorporate it into malted blondies, but it didn't totally dissipate. still made an interesting result.