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Dec 17, 2011 04:09 AM

Hotpot - Chimney pot What fuel to use?

I recently picked up a hotpot and am trying to figure how to find the recommended fuel for it. The one I have is made by Seagull in Thailand, 22 cm, and states "charocoal / wax". I've used and still use fondues but always wanted a hotpot with a central chimney. The attached photo is the closest to my pot, except my does not come with a chimney lid. The pot on mine is fused by design to the ringlike base. There is a metal "cup" with a open ring top not unlike the burner that comes with fondue pots. The fuel cup is open I expect to insert small pieces of some type of coal or maybe a cup of some kind of wax fuel. I'm going to try my alcohol burner from the fondue in it this weekend. One of the two local Asian grocers is from Japan, she had small hunks of Japanese coal, that would have to be broken up considerably to fit through the base opening of my pot. May try the other grocer this weekend.

Any tips and or recipes, experiences you have with any kind of hot pot that uses burning fuel?


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  1. CC,

    I have a unit very similar to the one you picture. I love it. Great fun for a party on the deck in the summer!

    The reason it's on the deck is that I use hardwood charcoal as my heat source. I load up a chimney starter, get the load of chunks blazing, fill the ring with broth, and then load the hot pot chimney with hot coals.

    Sorry that this is not the perfect answer to the exact question you ask, but thought you'd like to hear another hound's experience.

    Best of luck,

    1. I'll say in advance that "I don't know if this is a good idea, or what one is SUPPOSED to use in a device like this", but being a hookah smoker (middleastern tobacco water pipe), I've come in contact with a lot of 'smoking charcoal'. Your local smoke shop that has hookah supplies should have this is stock. It can either come in a long cylinder roll (for the self-igniting) or blocks of more natural charcoal like coconut husk or whatever. It's very clean burning and very hot. The pieces are under two inches square and *SHOULD* work for this.

      Also, you can buy small cups of solid fuel used for chafing dishes.

      Here's what the charcoal looks like:

      and the solid fuel:

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        Thanks to both of you for good ideas. Definitely will looking into trying one or both of them. I'm used to using fondue, family grew up cooking around those and have had lots of experience with grilling charcoal. Our area does have hookah bars so might try looking around for that. Thanks.