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Dec 17, 2011 03:12 AM

Trip to New Orleans: Dec. 28-30 - ISO recommendations!

Hi all! I will be in NOLA for 3 days between Christmas and New Years, staying at the Windsor Court in the Financial District. I have only been to NOLA once, about 10 years ago, and that was for about 2 short days tied to watching a Saints game, so I am very much a newbie to your wonderful city.

I would love recommendations for your favorite non-touristy places; the hidden gems that you know and love for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Because this is part of a larger trip, I would love to keep the prices conservative if at possible, but a recommendation for splurge worthy dinner restaurant would be great, too.

My remembrance from my last trip was eating somewhere for lunch and ordering a Coke, which they kept refilling. When the bill came, there were about seven $2.50 Cokes on my tab. I was NOT HAPPY! So, I would like to stay away from places like that at all costs.

We will have the car, so driving is not a problem within the City or if there is a must-eat restaurant outside the City, that would be grand, too.

Thank you all so very much. Oh - we love all sorts of food, so any recommendation will work. Except maybe Indian; he doesn't care for that cuisine.

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  1. with a car, you can go to the non-touristy restaurants that are in the uptown-riverbend area. check out the menus for clancys,upperline, and patois. see if they interest you. in the area near your hotel, i like cochon, luke, and cafe adelaide. go to he posts reviews and commentary of all 1200+ restaurants in the greater new orleans area. they are listed by area and type of cuisine. i also like the dining section of for info.

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