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Dec 17, 2011 03:08 AM

Sashime for NewYears

My family has always bought Sashimi for New Years. Several years ago the vendor we were using closed down and we started to buying from Marukai, Mitsuwa, Nijiya, but they got to be expensive. Then several years ago we started going to Ebisu, but since they have changed owners and the amount of fish has gotten smaller for the price paid.

One day I saw this seafood truck pass me on the street and I have decided to try them..

"Catalina Offshore Products"

Seems like they deliver to some of these places like Marukai, Ebisu and Mitsuwa.

Their selection online seems quite extensive and the prices are competitive to Marukai and Ebisu.

I have put in an order and they were very helpful and prompt in answering my emails.

They ran out of Hamachi for the year so we are getting that at Nijiya.

Anyone have feedback or experience with them?

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  1. Catalina is the best place to get fresh fish in San Diego. Not a store: no lemons, no parsley, no display cases-a warehouse at the end of a street. You walk in the door and it's an office. One of the owners will walk with you in the back if you'd like to see the people processing the fish. It is clean, fresh and has the best deals. Sign up for their email/online specials.

    If you are driving down to San Diego anyhow, stop in. Closed Sunday. If it is a Friday or Saturday, call to order first. They'll have your order waiting; it's crazy busy those two days.

    I live only a few miles away, so have not used the mail ordering, but they send overnight if you order by noon.