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Dec 17, 2011 12:59 AM

SGV Openings & Closings 2011 - help needed in compiling

It's that time of year again. I've been compiling my list, checking it twice, etc., etc., but with such a task, any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Definitely incomplete and probably some inaccuracies:

    Opened in 2011
    Be Be (Alhambra)
    Borneo (Alhambra)
    Boteco (Alhambra)
    Flavor Garden (Alhambra)
    Honey Badger Cafe (Alhambra)
    Medium Rare Plus (Alhambra)
    Bun Bun Tea House (Arcadia)
    Daikokuya (Arcadia)
    Hinotori (Arcadia)
    Pho-Licious (Arcadia)
    Congregation Ale House (Azusa)
    Tay Do Quan Hy (El Monte)
    85C Bakery Cafe (Hacienda Heights)
    Oh My Pan (Hacienda Heights)
    Cafe 18 (Industry)
    El Tepeyac Cafe (Industry location)
    Max's Mexican Cuisine (Monrovia location)
    unnamed Lebanese/Armenian place in back of Dogwoods Marketplace (Monrovia)
    Banh Mi Che Cali (745 E Garvey Ave, Monterey Park location)
    Cui Hua Lou (Monterey Park)
    Fluff Ice (Monterey Park)
    Fortune Dumplings (Monterey Park)
    Younique Cafe (Monterey Park)
    aka AN AMERICAN BISTRO (Pasadena)
    Alberto's Mexican Food (Pasadena)
    Carmela Ice Cream (Pasadena)
    Congregation Ale House (Pasadena)
    d’odici Cafe (Pasadena)
    Dog Haus Biergarten (Pasadena)
    FWS - Fillmore West Station Coffee and Sandwich Shop (Pasadena)
    Half and Half Tea Express (Pasadena)
    Haven Gastropub + Brewery (Pasadena)
    Himalayan Cafe (Pasadena)
    Kings Row (Pasadena)
    Lemonade (Pasadena)
    'lette (Pasadena)
    Little Britain (Pasadena)
    Lucky Baldwins Trappiste Pub and Cafe (Pasadena)
    Papillon Cafe & Creamery (Pasadena)
    Pita Jungle (Pasadena)
    Root Beer Joe's Sandwich Shop (Pasadena)
    Roxolana (Pasadena)
    Settebello Pizzeria (Pasadena)
    Sidewalk Cafe (Pasadena)
    Sushi Ichi (Pasadena)
    Sushi Kimagure Ike (Pasadena)
    Tender Greens (Pasadena)
    The Vol 94 (Pasadena)
    Chuen Hing (Rosemead)
    Pho Valley (Rosemead)
    Shaanxi Gourmet (Rosemead)
    Golden Spoon (Rowland Heights)
    Kula Sushi (Rowland Heights)
    O Taipei Cafe (Rowland Heights)
    A Ri Rang Tofu House (San Gabriel)
    Beijing Duck House (San Gabriel)
    Hunan Style Restaurant (San Gabriel)
    Lao Bian Dumpling (San Gabriel)
    Taste of Chong Qing (San Gabriel)
    Tea Time (San Gabriel)
    Thousand Tasty (San Gabriel)
    Thousand Tasty Restaurant (San Gabriel)
    Whatever Tea Lounge (San Gabriel)
    Why Thirsty (San Gabriel)
    Mother Moo Creamery (Sierra Madre)
    Taco Fiesta (Sierra Madre)
    Fujin Ramen (West Covina)

    Closed in 2011
    15 Cats Cafe (Alhambra)
    Genki Living (Arcadia)
    DISH Bistro & Bar (Pasadena)
    The White Hut (Pasadena)
    Tre Venezie (Pasadena)
    Bun Rieu Quan (Rosemead)
    Quan Mien Trung (Rosemead)
    Dumpling House (Temple City)

    Opened AND Closed in 2011
    Good One Restaurant (Alhambra)
    Yu Pin (San Gabriel)

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    1. re: Peripatetic

      Wow, impressive work there, Peripatetic. The only other openings I can think of are Oto-Oto Izakaya and Sena in Monrovia, and Wistaria in Sierra Madre (in the old Lozano space). Plus a place or two in the Westfield Santa Anita, but I usually steer clear of the place as it's like the Winchester Mystery House of malls...

      1. re: Bradbury

        > I usually steer clear of the place as it's like the Winchester Mystery House of malls...

        You're being generous. It's a living hell. I always regret it when I let my guard down and go there.

      2. re: Peripatetic


        Please tell me you've been keeping a running list and you didn't just pull that out of your ass from pure memory?

        1. re: ipsedixit

          Running list. I may be sad, but I'm not a mnemonist. (No offense to mnemonists.)

          1. re: Peripatetic

            Opened in 2011 Diamond Plaza Fullerton Rd.
            - Kula Revolving Sushi bar ($1 udon!)
            - Curryhouse CoCo Ichibanya (the real deal, from Japan)

            1. re: logonhog

              Kula made Jim's published list (see URL below) but Curry House CoCo Ichibanya didn't.


              1. re: logonhog

                Thanks logonhog. I did not have CoCo Ichibanya. Since it's an on going list, I will add it when I get the chance.

            2. Didn't have time to sort through the others so here's my raw listing.

              Alhambra - Good One (replacing Rainbow Noodle); Shanghai Village (replacing Good One), Honey Badger Cafe, Be Be Restaurant (replacing Chuan Yu Noodles), Flavor Garden (replacing A & E); Arcadia - Supreme Vege Cuisine (replacing H. K. Gourmet Delight), Bun Bun Tea House, Grandpa's Tea House, Lu's Garden (replacing Go Go Chicken), Ice Monster; Covina - House of Benny; El Monte - Yummy Yummy Seafood Buffet, Best Noodle, Chopsticks Kitchen (replacing Dumpling 10053); Hacienda Heights - 85 degrees, Osaka Seafood (replacing West Coast Seafood); Industry - Jin Yuan, Jade House, Sweet Veggie, Cafe 18, Jazz Cat Fusion, MonJa, Onionhead, Michelle's Pancake House, J J Cafe, Flaming Spice; La Puente - New Kitchen (replacing Hong Kong Express); Monterey Park - Beijing Pie House (replacing Canton Gourmet), Cafe Xpress, Nice Time Cafe, Tasty Garden, Younique Cafe (replacing AAA Seafood), Saporous Grill (replacing Happy Happy), Gatten Sushi, Fortune No 1 (open-closed-reopened), H & H (replacing O T Kitchen); Sham Tseng BBQ (replacing Sam Woo), Awesome Eatery (replacing Phong Dinh), Fortune Dumplings, Chi Hua Lou; Rosemead - Rieu Quan (replacing Addictive), Be Be #2 (replacing Rieu Quan), A & J Hot Point, Shaanxi Gourmet, Hot Pot Restaurant (replacing Food Cabin); Rowland Heights - Ah Lieh Hot Pot, Best House Noodle (replacing whatever replaced Best Korner); Boat House (replacing Beer Station), Tasty Station, Taste of Shanghai (replacing Suit Ur Buds), Classy Cafe (replacing Qoo); Golden Spoon, Easy Earthen; San Gabriel - Beijing Duck House, Why Thirsty (replacing New Hong Kong), Golden Soup, Liu Xiang Yuan, Yu Pin (replacing Bamboodles), Thousand Tasty (replacing Yu Pin), Happy Eating (replacing Shufeng Yuan, then closed), Memory Tea House (currently being replaced), Lao Bian Dumpling, J J Tea House, Cajun Symphony (replacing Captain Crab), Tea Time (replacing Palace Garden Cafe), 1 6 8 Garden (replacing Yunnan 1 6 8), Monterey Park BBQ, Taste of Chongqing (replacing Hua Mei), Tasty Village (replacing Spring Wave), C C W W (replacing Tea Spots), D'ange Sandwich, Crazy Crab (replacing My Friends); South El Monte - Yummy; Temple City - House of Mandarin Noodle; Ish Kitchen (replacing Dumpling House); West Covina - Lu's Chinese Kitchen, Jasmin Garden (replacing Lu's Chinese Kitchen); Yaya (replacing Shang Hai Garden), Yum Cha Cafe, Kun Ming Garden (replacing Beijing Cuisine Garden)

              Other closures include the entire back court of Diamond Plaza in Rowland Heights, and surprisingly (because of their tremendous take out business), Jo Jo Diner in Rowland Heights.

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              1. re: Chandavkl

                I didn't check all of these, but some are 2010 openings, e.g. Beijing Pie House and House of Mandarin Noodle.

                1. re: Peripatetic

                  Quite possible, since I visited both of those in January. I try to catch a restaurant right when it opens, but sometimes we don't hear about them for a few weejs. For example Happy Harbor (Alhambra) and Noodle Boy were also January visits but I subsequently discovered they had opened in December 2010.

                2. re: Chandavkl

                  Did the first Be Be close, or is the sign just down for replacement? Drove by the other night and it looked dark, and the spot where the main sign was was white.

                  1. re: will47

                    was going to try it last night. a lady was in there but the sign is down and the closed sign was up and neon lights not on. looks like it is gone.

                  2. re: Chandavkl

                    Be Be 1 and Cafe Xpress + Yogen Fruz, both at Atlantic Square, are all closed. Be Be 2 replaced "Bun" Rieu Quan.

                    Tay Do Quan Hy (S. El Monte), Pho Diem Hoa (S. El Monte), all new. There are several other new pho joint in S. El Monte c. 2011 as well.

                    Saporous Grill has changed ownership twice, though name has not. Kam Hong and Mandarin Noodle Deli has merged ownership.

                    1. re: TonyC

                      Really sad about Bun Rieu Quan. Any idea if they're planning to open somewhere else?

                  3. Good work on the list. I've added a couple of places to try now.

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                    1. re: Johnny L

                      Just a quick disclaimer that many of the openings I listed are not necessarily chow-worthy.

                      1. re: Peripatetic

                        Wow, simply outstanding and very impressive. Surprisingly, while I had many of those, it's always nice to get some confirmation (and many additions). Thanks Peripatetic, Chandavkl and Bradbury. If anyone comes up with anything else, as hard as that is to believe, please add. And, thanks again.

                        1. re: Peripatetic

                          That's our next question...

                          Which ones are the most noteworthy/notable, what are the standouts (either for quality or uniqueness)? Ipsedixit gave us a good rundown last year of those that are worthy.

                          1. re: JThur01

                            Well based on frequency of my visits, Yummy Yummy Seafood Buffet as it's become the best buffet option in the western part of the SGV. Unfortunately, to borrow a page from TonyC's death watch list, I'd be surprised if this survives much into 2012 due to the sparse crowds recently.

                            1. re: JThur01

                              Yes I would like to know the best openings too!

                              Taste of Chongqing is a worthy contender in The Sichuan Wars

                              1. re: JThur01

                                Here are the ones I've been to, * = "notable" (in my opinion, of course)

                                Pho-Licious (Arcadia) - very good pho, disappointing cha gio and ca phe sua da
                                Alberto's Mexican Food (Pasadena) - very good California burrito
                                *Carmela Ice Cream (Pasadena) - excellent!
                                d'odici Cafe (Pasadena) - mediocre espresso, disappointing Asian cheese cake
                                *Dog Haus Biergarten (Pasadena) - good beer selection and nice patio, food is same as at the original
                                Lemonade (Pasadena) - same as other locations
                                Lucky Baldwins Trappiste Pub and Cafe (Pasadena) - same as Old Town location, nicer room, less noisy
                                Roxolana (Pasadena) - good pirogi, have to try more things.
                                Settebello Pizzeria (Pasadena) - had good but slightly undercooked pizza, have to try again
                                *Sushi Ichi (Pasadena) - excellent!
                                *Sushi Kimagure Ike (Pasadena) - excellent!
                                *Why Thirsty (San Gabriel) - just tried, excellent, will elaborate in Why Thirsty thread.

                                Didn't get to as many new openings as I'd like to as I'm still working off a sizable backlog.

                                1. re: Peripatetic

                                  With a disclaimer that I haven't been to nearly as many of these as I'd like to, I found Shaanxi Gourmet and Taste of Chong Qing to be the most interesting. I also like Oh My Pan as a place for tea.

                          2. I'm glad there is now a Lemonade near Arcadia.

                            I've tried Bun Bun tea house (which serves burgers) and its not bad but its Taiwanese style not American (be prepared to wait, I did for 20 minutes. Their potato balls are damn addicting though.

                            Hinotori - Yakitori is nothing special and they use a gas grill instead of bincho so no smokiness. The highlight of this place is that it serves as an better izakaya instead with a nice chalkboard menu.

                            Daikokuya arcadia - very underwhelming even for Daikokuya. Avoid the ramen, at least the pork belly bowls are still decent.

                            On my try list are Definitely Haven Gastropub and Why Thirsty (I was looking a good Taiwanese joint recently since Sin Bala has fallen off the map with me and it's like Santa knew what I wanted!).

                            Also you may want to add Tofu King to the list:

                            They replaced the sign with a Chinese one but left the old english sign. They serve stinky tofu and its considered good. This is a new branch of the Rowland Heights location.

                            1. Has anyone tried the dumpling place on the 2nd floor of the Focus plaza next to the Korean place? There was a glassed area where the lady makes the xiao long bao. Menu said it is a very old store and has dishes from Wu Xi. Didn't get a chance to try it. Looks like it has potential to compete with Ding Tai Fung. Could not find on yelp and name slips my mind right now.