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Dec 16, 2011 09:47 PM

Tripe Sandwich in St. Louis?

Hi there:

I'm new to St. Louis and my dad claims that when he used to come to this fair city on business trips, there were tripe sandwich joints all over the place. I've been here for about 4 months now and haven't found a single one. What am I doing wrong? Where's the tripe?

Why do I have a feeling the treasure lies in East St. Louis?


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  1. sheesh only one place in South STL still sells brains, but that might be a start for questions

    or get Menudo at the torta/taqueria places on Cherokee

    1. Well, my first question is, how long ago was your dad making rounds, and my second is, what part of town did he frequent. That said, tripe in general is mostly found in Mexican restos or small soul food spots. North St. Louis is where you need to go. No, I have no specific places to suggest, but what I'd do is go to Mammer Jammer, get one of their sandwiches (read link or google it), and ask them where they'd send you.

      mammer jammer
      5124 Natural Bridge Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63115

      1. There is a big sign on the side of JoJo's House Of Ribs that says "TRIPE SANDWICH OR COMBO". They are located cattycorner from Proctor and Gamble in the Near North Riverfront: 182 East Grand Blvd. (I am guessing that this is the former legendary Shrimp Shack.) Website is

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          oh wow I drove past Jojo's a few months ago, but missed the sign. (I scoff at the BBQ of others and need to stop being such a snob)

          1. re: Doug

            Thanks all! My dad was in St Louis pretty often about 5 years ago. He always stayed downtown, but i think he wandered all over. Specifically he remembers a place called Tripe City. I'll check out JoJos.

          2. Haven't been and can't vouch for it, but a quick Google search revealed the following: Roper's Ribs in Jennings.


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            1. Go to tripe city 5124 natural brigde they have the best tripe in stlouis