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Dec 16, 2011 08:25 PM

All Clad French Skillet Lid size question

Can anyone tell me what size lid fits the All Clad 9" french skillet? ...or what is the diameter measurement of the top lip of the 9" french skillet?

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  1. ...just to clarify (that the answer isn't quite the obvious "duh nine inches"), I see the 9" french skillet sold both lidless & with a domed lid, but none of the all clad lid-resellers seem to have a 9" domed lid listed as an option?

    I'm trying to figure out if I get the 9" french skillet Lid-less from CookwareNmore now (to make a 4th piece for my order to qualify for the 20% discount), if one of my other all clad lids might fit, or if I might ever have the ability to buy a lid in the future that would fit snugly.

    1. You might want to look at universal lids if you can't find the proper All-Clad one. I have an 11-inch (lidless) French skillet. Wound up buying a cheapie "universal" lid at IKEA, which works just fine. Note, the quotes are because I haven't been to other planets, so I don't know how universal my lid is ;)

      1. All-Clad d5 9" French Skillet - 9 3/8" interior rim, 9 5/8" exterior rim.