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Dec 16, 2011 07:57 PM

Again, family is at the door and I'm still prepping...

Well, not quite that bad, but near enough. Family is coming tomorrow afternoon.

I took today off (Friday) from work to shop, prep, make meatballs, sausage and prep veg for tomorrow, do a quick clean up through the house, and I'm exhausted with more to do. I still have to make the holiday cake and throw up a tree in the dining room. (Well, I'm sure that can be taken in many ways, ha.) At least the rest of the house is decorated already.

I kinda feel like I'm asking "WHAT'S TIME LEFT ON THE CLOCK??"

I know everyone goes through this - but I just wanted to vent. I'm thinking perhaps I need a bit of Scotch and giving the corgis a good belly rub.

Happy holidays to all and to all a good extra hour on their clock...

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  1. I hope your party has gone or is going well. It will be worth it in the end. Happy Holidays!

    1. I sympathize. Today (Saturday) I was making a relatively simple lunch for 9 people for my daughter's birthday. Fortunately my daughter and her husband, new parents, were late. When everyone else arrived at the appointed time I was madly racing around the kitchen still in mid-cooking. I don't know how that happened. I thought I had timed everything so that I would be calm, collected and a gracious hostess- didn't work - I was a crazy person. But eventually the new family arrived, food was cooked and everyone had a good time.
      I hope that your party worked out well!

      1. There is no way I can get everything on my to do list done when I'm having company. Priority is the food and the house straightened to some extent (thank goodness for garage and bedrooms upstairs, just pile the junk there if it comes to it); any wish list/overacheivement things like mopping the floor or cleaning the oven usually go undone. No biggie, more important to be in good mood. Luckily I'm a real early riser, so at some point the night before I give myself permission to have a drink and sit down for awhile (i.e. fall asleep on the couch), then get up (without alarm because I'm in high gear) around 4 or 5AM and do an hourly list of what absolutely has to be done. I always wish I could just cook and host, but life did not hand me that privilege!

        1. Been there and I don't do it anymore. Kinda feels like Iron Chef doesn't it? I used to try and have everything just so on the holidays and do complicated new recipes. Finally I realized I wasn't having any fun by staying in the kitchen all the time and getting exhausted. I realized that trying to have everyone I knew over at the same time stressed me out to the max so I don't do it anymore. I have family on Christmas Eve for dinner and that's that. I don't even put up a tree now- the horror of it I know. But I don't have kids and I was always the one to have to decorate it and clean up after it was down so I don't do it anymore. I decorate the living room and dining room with pine garlands, berries, and candles and that's it. I cook the foods I know that everybody loves and nothing too complicated. I'm a lot happier.

          Good luck to you and Merry Christmas.

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            I curse Martha Stewart for making everyone think their dinner parties should be so perfect! Most important is to be relaxed, for sure.