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Dec 16, 2011 07:35 PM

What came first... the cheese or the sweet?

Which is the most common and/or preferred?
Should I serve a cheese platter and then a sweet dessert?
Or sweet and then cheese?

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  1. In the UK, the common way is sweet then cheese.

    However, that's not our preference and we always do it the opposite way round, as the French do.

    Dessert before cheese simply doesnt make sense to me - going from a savoury main course to a sweet, then back to savoury.

    1. Cheese before sweet works for my palate.

      1. Cheese before dessert.

        Depending on the what is the dessert, the quantity (selection) of cheese offered is most important, and what will be served with the cheese(s).

        If you decide to have more than 1 chesse, then it might be more practical to offer fruit/nut bread and nuts and dried and fresh fruits with the cheeses, and that will replace the dessert.

        If you only serve 1 _good_ cheese (what I usually do), to finish up the bread, then you can serve a more substantial dessert.

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          I agree. Much better to serve a single cheese and perfectly match the accompaniments than the more common selection of cheeses.

        2. Thanks all - I will go with sweet then cheese! Much appreciated!

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          1. re: missmacc

            Go for it, you contrarian, you!