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Dec 16, 2011 07:25 PM

Homemade sausage disaster!! What did I do wrong??

I made a spicy lamb sausage for the first time and thought I followed all the directions. When I tried frying the links, I ended up with a lot of fat in the pan, and the sausages were more like ground lamb in a hog casing. Seems like all the fat diffused out in cooking. Did I do something wrong?

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  1. Did you "knead" the sausage at all (i.e., beat it with an electric mixer)? That step helps emulsify the fat a bit more.

    1. Did you keep the mixture extremely cold while processing? If the sausage gets too warm the fat starts to melt and never integrates properly.

      1. If you left the grind fairly course that might have added to the fat rendering out instead of staying in the emulsion of the sausage. I wouldn't grind the meat as fine as a hotdog but a bratwurst or a breakfast sausage grind might help.

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          Maybe not fry but a moderate saute' or steam / saute' much like potstickers.I would also play around with a cover to build up surface heat

        2. Yeah, I don't think I did any of those things. Thanks, all, for the advice!