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Dec 16, 2011 05:15 PM

Need recs for a family celebration dinner in the Boca Raton area

It 's a 63rd anniversary for my Mom and Dad.We'll be about 20 people.Most cuisines are OK,would like a nice room or even a private room.Would really appreciate suggestions,Thanks!

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  1. The steakhouses have private rooms, such as Capital Grill, Mortons, Abe and Louis, Chops and NY Prime. They are steakhouses though and on the pricey side.

    My favourite private room is at Cabana on Atlantic in Delray, upscale Cuban less expensive than those above. Sundy House also has a nice private room but not cheap. Casa D'Angelo has a semi private area on Palmetto Pk Rd but I am not sure it would take 20. Renzo's on Federal has room but not really private as it's too big for 20 but might still work

    I go to Pharma dinners frequently and these are the places that we generally go to. There is also an Italian on 441 in Parkland that is something like Cafe Buena Sara, it has a private room too.

    you might need to tell us your budget and when this is going to happen, trying to get a private room this time of year is going to be tough.

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      Thanks so much.The date is1/29/12 so it should be OK,right? Which steakhouse is your favorite? I think Italian might be preferable.Will check the menu at Cabana...

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        well I wouldn't waste any time making reservations, it's season, those rooms get booked fast. Capital Grille has the most private rooms - 3 I think. I see it's Saturday night, I would get going on your reservations pretty quick.

      2. re: smartie

        Pete's Cafe Bella Sera & Steakhouse in Parkland? The food is awesome, but it can be expensive. Two of us shared the stuffed veal chop parmigiana, (I think) it was HUGE, an order of the sauteed artichokes (amazing appetizer) and an order of the roasted cauliflower. Everything was delicious and there were plenty of leftovers so it is possible to not go crazy if expense is a concern for you. Things can be split (and many should be, in my opinion).