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Dec 16, 2011 05:07 PM

Open on Christmas-Near Children's Hospital?

I'm hoping you will have some thoughts/suggestions. Our youngest son is going to be admitted to Children's Hospital just before Christmas and will be there over the whole holiday break. We are wondering if anyone has any ideas about a restaurant nearby where we could get some take- out and make the best of being in the hospital on Christmas day. We are not too fussy- it doesn't have to be amazing...just better than hospital food! We have tried the Bertucci's across the street from Children's- (pizza and presents?) but they are not open- any other ideas I can research?? Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Happy Holidays to all!

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  1. Oh rats!!! So crummy to be spending Xmas in the hospital. I have nothing to offer as to suggestions but wanted to say poop! That sucks and I hope others come thru wiith something useful.

    1. You may have a better shot with some of the Asian restaurants in the area. Brown Sugar Cafe (Thai) delivers to the hospital and is pretty good. Also, I'd suggest asking the nurses, Child Life or the Center for Families if they have suggestions. You can reach the Center for Families by phone/email if you're not admitted yet. Good luck with everything!

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        Indian restaurants also are often open on Christmas, and surprisingly some chain restaurants as well. Recently my parents have strayed from their long tradition of eating Chinese food on Christmas and have begun to go to McCormick and Schmicks. Not sure there is one near the hospital, but the excellent Sichuan Gourmet is only about a half-mile away, so that might be a good place to check into. Hope your stay in the hospital is short and easy, and happy holidays.

      2. Oh, I am so sorry. We have had similar experiences. It does bring a whole new meaning to Christmas. One suggestion is to look at Open Table to see what is open. Some will also be willing to do take out.

        If you like Indian Food, Punjab Palace is not far away (about a mile or so but you could also do it by taxi) and they have really good food. Rami's on Harvard Street is closer. They should both be open. And the Chinese restaurants will be open. Good luck to you all and have a Merry Christmas.

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          brookline village is very near children's hospital and contains a few excellent ethnic restaurants that might be open christmas day. i know you have a lot on your "to do" list, but I thought you might want to check these on line for yourselves: family restaurant (turkish) has excellent food, ranging from great soups and salads, to lamb and eggplant dishes that are memorable, lamb and beef kabobs and wraps, and including deserts such as great rice pudding. they do deliver. Szichuan Garden right next store to Family (they are both on Washington Street, about a one mile walk from the hospital and a 3 minute drive) has fine szichuanese food. Family also serves breakfast if you are craving a non-cafeteria option (do order their homemade turkish bread which is a treat). Another ethnic restaurant that might be open and does deliver is Jo Jo Taipei. Near the hospital and useful to know about, is New England Soup Factory (won't be open on Christmas but is a great stop for excellent soup, sandwiches and salad for takeout). Across Brookline Avenue and on Longwood, about a block from the hospital, is a Brueggers Bagel shop: not great but sometimes you just want a bagel and shmear. Best of luck and may your christmas be filled with good outcomes.

        2. You should buy what you want the day before. Im sure they will let you use an oven or micro

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            Not always the easiest thing to do when a hospital stay is approaching, believe me.

          2. The Fireplace Restaurant in Brookline is open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day,,,,,don't know if they do take out.