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Open on Christmas-Near Children's Hospital?

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I'm hoping you will have some thoughts/suggestions. Our youngest son is going to be admitted to Children's Hospital just before Christmas and will be there over the whole holiday break. We are wondering if anyone has any ideas about a restaurant nearby where we could get some take- out and make the best of being in the hospital on Christmas day. We are not too fussy- it doesn't have to be amazing...just better than hospital food! We have tried the Bertucci's across the street from Children's- (pizza and presents?) but they are not open- any other ideas I can research?? Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Happy Holidays to all!

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  1. Oh rats!!! So crummy to be spending Xmas in the hospital. I have nothing to offer as to suggestions but wanted to say poop! That sucks and I hope others come thru wiith something useful.

    1. You may have a better shot with some of the Asian restaurants in the area. Brown Sugar Cafe (Thai) delivers to the hospital and is pretty good. Also, I'd suggest asking the nurses, Child Life or the Center for Families if they have suggestions. You can reach the Center for Families by phone/email if you're not admitted yet. Good luck with everything!

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        Indian restaurants also are often open on Christmas, and surprisingly some chain restaurants as well. Recently my parents have strayed from their long tradition of eating Chinese food on Christmas and have begun to go to McCormick and Schmicks. Not sure there is one near the hospital, but the excellent Sichuan Gourmet is only about a half-mile away, so that might be a good place to check into. Hope your stay in the hospital is short and easy, and happy holidays.

      2. Oh, I am so sorry. We have had similar experiences. It does bring a whole new meaning to Christmas. One suggestion is to look at Open Table to see what is open. Some will also be willing to do take out.

        If you like Indian Food, Punjab Palace is not far away (about a mile or so but you could also do it by taxi) and they have really good food. Rami's on Harvard Street is closer. They should both be open. And the Chinese restaurants will be open. Good luck to you all and have a Merry Christmas.

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          brookline village is very near children's hospital and contains a few excellent ethnic restaurants that might be open christmas day. i know you have a lot on your "to do" list, but I thought you might want to check these on line for yourselves: family restaurant (turkish) has excellent food, ranging from great soups and salads, to lamb and eggplant dishes that are memorable, lamb and beef kabobs and wraps, and including deserts such as great rice pudding. they do deliver. Szichuan Garden right next store to Family (they are both on Washington Street, about a one mile walk from the hospital and a 3 minute drive) has fine szichuanese food. Family also serves breakfast if you are craving a non-cafeteria option (do order their homemade turkish bread which is a treat). Another ethnic restaurant that might be open and does deliver is Jo Jo Taipei. Near the hospital and useful to know about, is New England Soup Factory (won't be open on Christmas but is a great stop for excellent soup, sandwiches and salad for takeout). Across Brookline Avenue and on Longwood, about a block from the hospital, is a Brueggers Bagel shop: not great but sometimes you just want a bagel and shmear. Best of luck and may your christmas be filled with good outcomes.

        2. You should buy what you want the day before. Im sure they will let you use an oven or micro

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            Not always the easiest thing to do when a hospital stay is approaching, believe me.

          2. The Fireplace Restaurant in Brookline is open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day,,,,,don't know if they do take out.

            1. Kashmir on Newbury Street has been our 'go to' Christmas Day lunch place for a few years running. It's about 1 mile away from Children's but a quick round trip taxi would do the trick.

              Have never done take out but surely they have that option available.

              1. If you have a car, I would explain your situation to one of the better restaurant's open for the holiday in the Back Bay or Beacon Hill and ask if they could do something for you. Going to open table to find out what is open is a great idea. But, I would then call and ask if they could accomodate a take out meal because of your situation.

                I would check with places like
                Beacon Hill Bistro - ask for the owner, Peter he has children of his own and might help.
                La Voile
                Brasserie Jo
                Eastern Standard


                Beacon Hill Bistro
                25 Charles St, Boston, MA 02114

                Eastern Standard
                528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

                La Voile
                261 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116

                Brasserie Jo
                120 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02116

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                  I think Childrens is in Longwood, right? Though these are nice ideas, in general.

                2. Thank you for some great ideas- yes it does stink being inpatient over the holidays, but it is very important for my chronically ill son to keep up his strong grades so he has chosen to take care of some things during the holiday break so as not to miss school. I will definitely check out Open Table-should have thought of that! I was thinking that the nurses and residents must have some inside info into what might be open/closed. I will have a car in the garage so a family member or I could pick up from someplace. We have not tried Indian food before but some of the other places sound great. Any other ideas are welcome- I would like to have a plan prior to going in on the 23rd as it will be hectic once we are there. Thanks again folks- knew I could count on you!

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                    I checked to see if you had your email address listed so I could write to you privately.

                    I'm in Watertown, which isn't that far a drive fr Children's Hospital. I raised a big family & am used to cooking a huge amount - sad to say all our older members have passed on. (I still can't cook a small amount, though).

                    This year it's going to be standard Italian red sauce based (my family's comfort food) - I don't have a car, but if one of your family members wanted to shoot over here on Christmas Day, I'd love - no, I'd be honored - to share some of our Christmas dinner with your family. If you'd like, go to my profile for my email addy & shoot me an email. (I make everything from scratch, too).

                    (And congrats to your son for his success & hard work through all of this - and hugs to all of you, too!)

                    Edit: want to add that I work around allergies & also cook for vegans/vegetarians, too, if needed (my kids)

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                      That is a really, really sweet offer!

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                        Thanks, purple bot. Hopefully I didn't scare dlmom away!! ;-) I just love to cook - and I'd like to pay forward the kindness that's been shown to me.

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                          No, you didn't scare me away at all.....I am honestly stunned and incredibly delighted that you would consider offering something so sweet for someone you don't even know. Wow...
                          I will message you privately but have to say publicly that this is one of the nicest things I have ever seen-truly.

                          1. re: dlmom

                            Ah, you're going to make me blush!

                            I've had so, so many kind people help me in my life. It would honor me to do something tiny like this for someone else.

                    2. Sichuan Gourmet is an easy walk down Longwood and right onto Carleton and then right onto Beacon.

                      1. Last Christmas we enjoyed a lovely meal at Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square. Not far at all from Childrens.


                        1. I am not sure if New England Soup Factory is open Christmas Eve, but they have wonderful soups (and sandwiches) that can be bought in bulk and reheated at the hospital. They usually have some wonderful dishes for take out during the holidays. I would give them a call. They are right down the street from Children's.

                          Here is their holiday soups menu for December 22 & 23:
                          Potato Chestnut with Caramelized Onions
                          Porcini Mushroom with Fried Shallots
                          Nantucket Bay Scallop and Chive Chowder
                          Farmers Root Vegetable with Wild & Cranberries
                          Hungarian Black Cherry

                          I wish your son a speedy recovery and good health for the upcoming year!

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                            I agree. New England Soup does have wonderful soup and I actually really enjoy their salads especially the Tuna Niscoise. I have brought their soup to the Beth Israel hospital many times for family and friends and it was perfect and just what everyone wanted. The matzo ball soup is especially good. Good desserts too. Eastern Standard is also a great choice and will be open because it is in a hotel. Great Hamburgers and really nice service. I am sure that if you inform the restaurants of your situation they will be happy to accommodate you. Good luck with your child's surgery. You are in great hands at Children's Hospital.

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                              Eastern Standard is open until 8 and has a very expensive special menu that day, 55/person.

                          2. One more suggestion: La Morra in Brookline Village will be open on Christmas Eve. The owners are wonderful and if you explained your situation, I am sure they would be happy to provide their Christmas Eve meal for take-out.

                            Christmas Eve at La Morra - Family Style Dining
                            3 courses for $50.00 per adult and $30.00 for children (5:00 seating only)
                            4 courses for $60.00 per adult and $40.00 for children
                            Children under 10 eat for free.

                            La Morra will celebrate Christmas Eve with a special dinner served family style! We will offer two dining options: a 5:00pm seating, ideal for families, offering an option of three courses, and later seatings for those interested in a traditional four course Italian meal.

                            Chef Josh Ziskin will prepare a traditional Italian menu to celebrate the season. The menu will feature items such as, Spit-Roasted Sirloin, Braised Duck Legs, Chestnut and Sausage Stuffing, Spit-Roasted Turkey, and Lobster Risotto, to name a few.

                            1. We're frequent flyers at Children's, due to my son's condition which has required ten spine surgeries so far. You've got good food suggestions here, so I'll comment on things specific to Children's in case it's helpful to you or others searching the boards.

                              1. The cafeteria at Children's is the BEST cafe in Longwood. The food is really quite good, especially at lunchtime when they have a different ethnic specialty each day where you pay by the weight.

                              2. Instead of ordering a tray from "room service", you can ask for a Cafe Ticket which is an $8 credit toward food in the cafe. You can do this for all three meals each day if you choose. My son can't go down so I take his ticket and get what he (and I) might like.

                              3. There is also an Au Bon Pain in the lobby. At 10 PM, all the baked goods are 1/2 price. There's a line ;)

                              4. You will have access to a patient/family fridge, microwave and toaster on each inpatient unit.

                              5. Depending on your son's diagnosis, etc, you might want to wait and do a "Christmas after Christmas" dinner at home when he's feeling better.

                              6. Holidays in the hospital actually don't suck that much (if you need to be in the hospital, KWIM?). There's so much attention toward keeping everyone's spirits up, and, the census is usually a little lower. I say that as a nurse myself, and mom to a kid who has had multiple complex surgeries.

                              Hope it goes well and you'll be home soonest.

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                                Thank you for your thoughts. We are also frequent flyers...but I had no idea about the half price sale at 10pm! I will definitely be down there in line scoping out the baked goods! We have traveled from all three top Boston hospitals with our son- Tufts NEMC, MGH and Childrens and I agree about the cafeteria. I know they do a great job at Children's both medically and in terms of morale boosting. I agree that it is not all doom and gloom about being inpatient during the holidays- just wanted to pick the brains of people whose ideas I respect in terms of making the best of it. Sounds like we have had a number of similar experiences....wishing you and yours a wonderful, happy and most importantly...healthy 2012! Debi

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                                  Can't believe I didn't know about the after 10pm 'half price sale'! We have been going to Children's for quite a while now...guess I was always tucked in by 10pm and had no clue! I will definitely be roaming the halls this time!....:) Thanks for the great thoughts and the well wishes- this is such a special group of people!

                                2. Please email me off line if your son/other children can eat sweets. My sister in law sends us a huge package of homemade candies and cookies every Christmas, and my son, who is adopted and spent time in hospitals, would love to share.

                                  1. Hi there! It sounds like you've had some good support by now, but I just came across this, and I bet there are a couple of other people there who may be in a similar situation on Christmas. I've tweeted at wonderful local chef Andy Husbands of Tremont 646 about your situation, and he asked if you would be there on Christmas Eve. Can you reply to this or directly to me to let me know if you would be there and where we would be able to reach you? I can't make any promises but I will try to coordinate with him to see what we can do for you and perhaps a few other families that have to spend Christmas in the hospital. I will keep you posted. I hope you and your family have a happy, healthy Christmas wherever you are.

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                                      I tried to find your email address but couldn't. We are going to be inpatient starting Friday 12/23 for about a week. I am intrigued by your message! My email is dlmontana@hotmail.com. I will have access to the internet and phone. Thank you for thinking of us- we will certainly make the best of things no matter where we are or what we eat- family and health come first! I look forward to chatting with you. Debi

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                                        Just checking back to see how Christmas was with your son. Hope you were all able to enjoy some yummy food!

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                                          Once again....thanks for all the wonderful ideas and most importantly...support from so many thoughtful people.

                                          Once we were settled in and dealing with what was really important..our son's health- we realized quickly that our thoughts of a 'typical' Christmas dinner were so secondary....and we needed to get real.

                                          Something magical ended up happening. Because we really didn't feel comfortable leaving the hospital to pick up food because we were afraid to miss doctors' rounds etc. we ended up deciding to order take out from one of the local Legal Seafood restaurants that were open Christmas Day- we called upon a family member to pick up the order on his way in to visit.

                                          As it happened....I unintentionally overheard a parent on his cell phone out by the elevators when coming back from getting my morning tea from Au Bon Pain, which has a store right in Children's. The dad was saying they would probably get nothing for Christmas dinner or maybe just a bologna sandwich. As it turned out....they were in the room next door to us.

                                          Because of the incredible kindness shown/offered to us here on this board...I knew I was looking at an opportunity to return the favor to someone else. I had the privilege of helping this family (Who's name/background I will likely never know) to have a nice dinner on Christmas Day.

                                          We ordered simple take out dishes and enjoyed a quiet dinner with our family...knowing that the point was not about fabulous gourmet food but was about being together and knowing that a few feet away...a family with a sick baby also enjoyed a dinner that was at least better than a bologna sandwich. Thanks to all of you- especially those who inspired me to 'do unto others'....

                                          Happy New Year!

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                                            Nice paying it forward. Legal's takes a lot of hits on this board, but we are fortunate to have a restauranteur here that is very reliable with respect to seafood quality and customer satisfaction. Hope all goes well with your kiddo.

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                                              That was a lovely reminder of what the holiday season is truly about. Best wishes for your son and a return to good health. He is blessed by having the family he has.

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                                                Thank you so much for the update, and what a nice story. All the best to you guys as you get through this hospitalization.

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                                                  How wonderful!! Truly an example of holiday spirit!

                                                  Wishing the best for your son, and his loving mom & family - sending some hugs your way, dlmom.

                                          2. What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing and continued happy healing thoughts for your dear son.