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Too much brisket

After hunting around for brisket (it's surprisingly difficult to find around here), my husband wanted to make sure we had enough for our Hanukkah party and he got a 16-pounder. That's about twice what we'll need. I want recommendations of what to make with the rest. I don't have a smoker, but I don't necessarily want to braise all of it. Does it work well for ground beef? Thanks!

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    1. re: wattacetti

      Sounds like it's just a regular brisket.

      1. re: wyogal

        No, I mean use the unused portion of the brisket to make corned beef.

    2. You can braise it in with cumin, chiles, oranges, oregano and other things and use it for tacos!

      you can bbq it.

      wikipedia says that in korea they slice it very thin and pan fry it and eat it over noodles.

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        I love brisket tacos!!! Here is a great recipe: http://smittenkitchen.com/2010/01/sou...

        We eat them on soft corn tortillas with shredded cabbage, a little raw onion and Tapatio hot sauce. Sometimes a little avocado too. It freezes really well too.

      2. I'd freeze half for later.

        1. How about... braise "some" extra and put away (freeze) the excess in small packages for later :) Then cut the remaining, raw, brisket into one or two smaller portions, wrap and freeze, for braising later. luciaannek's suggestion of alternate seasoning sounds great.

          1. It shrinks quite a bit, and I would just do it all, and have leftovers. One can either eat the leftovers right away or put it in the freezer in meal-sized portions, use for sandwiches or tacos.
            How many people are expected at the party?

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            1. lol, here in Austin that's a normal size, it's not "big" until it hits 18lbs or more!

              Here's something I've been meaning to try but haven't gotten around to yet: Cochinita Pibil aka Puerco Pibil, but with beef brisket instead of pork. I think it would work pretty well and It would probably be similar to carne asada. I guess you would call it Falda Pibil?

              Roberto Rodriguez has a really cool (and slightly nsfw) video about Puerco Pibil:

              You could use parchment paper or foil if you can't get any banana leaves. You could even get the kids in on it, making flour and/or corn tortillas.

              1. All good suggestions here, but in case you do want to grind some of it, I can attest that brisket makes very good ground beef for hamburgers.

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                  Very true, especially mixed with some fatty pork!

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                    Though tasty and similar to ground mixes I've seen and used for Japanese hanbaagu, it's not a particularly kosher alternative (the OP did mention Hanukah celebrations)..

                2. All great ideas for leftovers! I second the burrito / taco motion.
                  I have used it to make beef soups, very tasty.

                  1. Ok, I know that they are on the Food Network, and I know that they are there more for their personalities than their kitchen chops (pun intended), but this recipe from the Neely's for beer braised brisket chili is some of the best stuff that I've ever had. Had it one night for dinner, got up the next morning and had it in omelets, had it for lunch, and finished it up at dinner that night- and wished we had more! I don't usually even like leftovers! Try it- you can thank me later...


                    1. Why not just cut part of it and freeze it for later use. And yes it does work well for ground beef. I usually include brisket along with chuck and maybe sirloin for ground beef.

                      1. I thought I had posted this but maybe not. Well, I made 8lb worth of brisket last night, and I could not believe how much it shrunk! It was incredible. So I'm making the rest today, using a different recipe (I wasn't crazy about the one last night). I know it won't have time to rest, but c'est la vie.

                        The party will have about 8 adults and 11 children, 12 and under. I actually doubt the kids will eat much brisket, in my experience kids are not crazy about beef (though growing up in Argentina that's all I ate as a child). I'm also making a TON of latkes, and hopefully someone will bring a salad :-) Yeah, I should have more variety of food - I was looking at my first Hanukkah celebration many years ago and had at least 5 more dishes - but I have kids, I no longer have the energy to cook :-)

                        1. Because it is such a fatty cut it really shrinks up in the oven. I would just cook the whole thing.
                          Between the people asking for seconds and the after dinner picking you'll probably have just enough for one nice lunch sandwich. If by some miracle you do have leftovers, I like to turn it into a quickie stroganoff style meal or add some bbq sauce and put it on buns. It you don't want to rework it you can always make it into some freezer meals.
                          (Or you can send it to me. I accept all beef donations)

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                            Well, we ended up being 9 meat-eating adults, plus a lot of children, but I don't know if they ate anything. All the adults loved both versions of the briskets I made. I'd say when all is said and done, about 2/3rds of the brisket was eaten, so now I have lots of leftovers. Fortunately, both briskets came out great, so that's definitely not a bad thing. It'll take care of dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow.

                            Thanks all!