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beechwood on venice

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so a friend suggested beechwood on venice for tonite.
menu looked alrite. but i'm hearing mixed reviews.
can fellow chowhounds share your experience @ this place?
and what to order?

thnk yoU :)

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  1. I thought the food was mediocre, at best. I don't see how it can survive as a restaurant...it must be living based on the bar scene.

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      agree that the food is mediocre.
      they use canned juices for some of their mixed drinks, so those are mediocre too.

    2. Mmm, yeah, I really didn't like this place much. OK, not at ALL. Not good foodstuffs, uppity peeps, LOUD in the non-stylish dining room, too cramped, and boring menu.
      But so I'm not a complete negative-nelly, I did very much enjoy the sweet potato fries :)


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        Alfredo Garcia

        They serve food? We've only been there after 11pm for drinks. It just seems too trendy to support it's drinking scene and food.

        1. Went a few weeks ago, thought the food was good and came out quickly. It has gotten a lot better over the past year. They now have a specialty drink list which has some fun stuff.

          1. I think that this place is great, it represents everything good about Venice. The people, the weather, the food, the deisgn all come to gether to form a unique and exciting restaurant without all of the west side upityness (sp). Check this place out!

            1. We've had consistently satisfying experiences at Beechwood, which we visit at least once a month. The food is good and reasonably priced, the menu updated regularly, the wines by glass first rate. I think it helps that we usually go early (between 6 and 7), when the crowds and noise are under control. (More older - that is to say, beyond 20-something - folks from the neighborhood at that hour.) The staff has always been very friendly (particularly the holdovers from Brooke Williamson's much missed Amuse), though I suppose good manners could fray as the hour grows late and the room crowded.

              If you're thinking of going, you should check out their menu online.

              1. Their small plates are much better than the large, so I usually stick to ordering from the bar menu (also available in the dinner area) and appetizers from the dinner menu. I personally like to sit in the bar area and if you snag a seat by the fire outside it's even nicer.

                We always get a huge split order of sweet potato and shoestring fries. Menu changes but I also like the sauteed grain cakes. Skip the pressed sandwiches as they're often dry.

                1. The food is pretty good. Stick to the longue/bar area - much more pleasant the the dining room. You can still order the full menu. Thier steak frites are pretty as, as are the lamb meatballs. Go early, it tends to get very crowded.

                  1. I had a pretty horrible food experience at Beechwood - really bad food at heinous prices in a way-too-loud atmosphere with disinterested staff.

                    Maybe it's me? ;)


                    1. I find their burger far superior to the one at Father's Office, and became a swift convert.

                      1. Only go for the bar scene and the cupcakes. Spa Water tini will knock you on your butt! Very yummy intense drink! Great place for drinking!