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May 26, 2006 01:59 PM

beechwood on venice

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so a friend suggested beechwood on venice for tonite.
menu looked alrite. but i'm hearing mixed reviews.
can fellow chowhounds share your experience @ this place?
and what to order?

thnk yoU :)

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  1. I thought the food was mediocre, at best. I don't see how it can survive as a must be living based on the bar scene.

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    1. re: WestsideLisa

      agree that the food is mediocre.
      they use canned juices for some of their mixed drinks, so those are mediocre too.

    2. Mmm, yeah, I really didn't like this place much. OK, not at ALL. Not good foodstuffs, uppity peeps, LOUD in the non-stylish dining room, too cramped, and boring menu.
      But so I'm not a complete negative-nelly, I did very much enjoy the sweet potato fries :)


      1. a
        Alfredo Garcia

        They serve food? We've only been there after 11pm for drinks. It just seems too trendy to support it's drinking scene and food.

        1. Went a few weeks ago, thought the food was good and came out quickly. It has gotten a lot better over the past year. They now have a specialty drink list which has some fun stuff.

          1. I think that this place is great, it represents everything good about Venice. The people, the weather, the food, the deisgn all come to gether to form a unique and exciting restaurant without all of the west side upityness (sp). Check this place out!