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Dec 16, 2011 01:02 PM

Best Steak [Nashua area]?

Where can you get a good steak in the Nashua area? I've heard Buckleys in Merrimack is good but you can leave hungry with the portions.

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  1. If you're hungry after leaving Buckley's you eat too much.

    1. I was not impressed with Buckley's. They mixed up the temperature for my husband's steak and mine, so mine was cooked medium while his was medium rare. I ordered creamed spinach as a side and it was terrible--watery with little to no flavor. It seemed to me that the hype, and the atmosphere (waitress coming to clean the crumbs off your white linen tablecloth) wasn't reflected in the quality of the food. Then again, I seem to have bad experiences at places others love, so that's probably worth mentioning.

      1. Hanover Street Chophouse--20 minutes from Nashua. The closest you will get to a NY steak house in NH.