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Dec 16, 2011 10:25 AM

Uses for some leftover homemade caramels

I made some caramels and have about a jar left over. They're very nice, but if I leave them in their jar, I'm going to eat them too quickly. I'd rather turn them into something else. I have ideas about a cake with little pockets of melting caramel, maybe with apples. Does such a thing exist? If I chop up the caramels and fold them into cake batter, will they stay hard, melt a little or dissolve totally. They're chewy caramels, not completely soft but not brittle.
Any good recipes, send them my way! Thanks.

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  1. I just made a chocolate-caramel tart and I have some of the caramel left-over, too, so I'm looking for uses for it. I don't know if the caramel candies you made would work in a chocolate-caramel tart, but you could look up a recipe and see if your caramels were made in the same way. I'm guessing your caramel candies are a bit stiffer than the caramel mixture in the tart.

    Anyway, I'm thinking of drizzling my caramel mixture -- it's thicker than a syrup but softer than a candy -- into coffee/lattes/hot milk or over vanilla ice cream. I'll bet you could make a dandy hot toddy-type alcohol drink with it, too. Again, I don't know if this use works for your candies.

    I'm actually posting this question separately, so maybe there'll be some responses that work for both of us. Good luck!