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Dec 16, 2011 08:50 AM

Jane Update?

Have been spending more time in the junction lately, have a few discoveries, and looking for more.

Mad Mexican - Their production facility is behind a storefront a few doors down from Annette. They are mulling over plans to consider something else in the area, and are encouraging locals with discounted products that the nice young lady in the office in the front will sell. When you consider that their salsas go for as much as 10$ per at the more expensive parts of town, the discount prices here are very decent.

On Cue - One of the last billiard halls in the city, with a bar at the front, and a kitchen that puts out Ukrainian staples on request. Haven't tried the food, but the selection of microbrews puts this ahead of most of the pubs in the area easily, and they play good blues.

Patisserie 27 - Very minimal signage, on Jane doors north of Annette, they make lovely looking french pastries, baguettes, some artisanal breads, and respectable croissants and pain au chocolats. (the one with caramelized banana is a nice surprise).

There also appear to be a few new places, such as an unlicensed Mexican, and a coffee shop south of Annette worth checking out.

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  1. Yes, there is a cafe south of Annette on Jane.
    Great cubano sandwich!

    1. I just had a croissant from Patisserie 27 and thought that it was the best croissant that I had enjoyed outside of France. Crisp outside layers, light and buttery inside - just wonderful! I also got an almond croissant, which was delicious. A very nice find.

      A recent review:

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        I also just tried Pat 27 - very good! Thanks for the tip.

        1. re: DDD

          Their millefeuille is excellent, filled to order. Cookies and macarons are lovely too!

          1. re: bunnylicious

            I tried the pain au chocolat, macarons and the fruit danish at Pat 27. They were all excellent! The quality of the chocolate in the pain au chocolat was excellent and there was a perfect amount of it. The macarons were delicious - crispy, light exterior, a soft, slightly chewy interior and well-flavoured fillings. They were slightly larger than the ones at Butter Avenue, but the same price. The danish had an interesting combination of fruits - blueberries and diced fresh pineapple - with pastry cream and lovely, buttery crispy pastry. I've only gone in the afternoon, and I think that a lot of their goods are sold out by the time I get there (they open at 7:00 AM).

        2. re: TOFoodie1

          The croissants at Patisserie 27 sound good. Have you had any of the others favoured by Toronto CHers? Jules, Rahier, Patachou, Pain Perdu, La Bamboche etc., etc. I'd like to see what people think who have tried other favourite Toronto croissants. Here's a reasonably recent post that compared many of them:

          1. re: Yongeman

            No, unfortunately I haven't tried the other places on that list. I posted about Patisserie 27 and am interested to see if the OP on that thread tries this place and how they rank in their list of croissants.

            1. re: TOFoodie1

              New Pizza place to be opened up on the corner of Annette & Jane (where the bank used to be) by the owners of FBI, Queens, etc.

              Though, still love Buddha's for my 'za!

            2. re: Yongeman

              Patisserie 27 is the real deal and worth a long drive for fresh, perfect french pastries and macarons. The sweet items are made by a Japanese lady - try the yuzu macaron. They were still fully stocked today in the mid afternoon but it is a long weekend after all.

          2. I finally had brunch at Camp today. Had the special french toast made from croissants and chocolate chips. Way too gummy and sweet - rather like bread pudding. Paired with a fresh fruit salad, the whole thing sent me into sugar shock! Passable espresso-based coffees. Disappointing overall but at least at $9 the french toast didn't break the usual Toronto brunch threshold.