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Dec 16, 2011 08:28 AM

Quick--need Tiramisu or Spumoni for 30 folks

Invited to a family function next week. Assignment--bring either Tiramusu or Spumoni for 30 (not particularly sophisticated) eaters. Can pickup in Seattle or Eastside. Any suggestions?

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  1. Costco Business Center in Lynnwood has frozen Tiramisu, round, pre-sliced for ten, for about $15. I would think Cash & Carry does as well. Your regular Costco might also stock it.

    1. You can order Tiramisu for a group to pick up from Bucca de Beppo, down West of South Lake Union area.

      1. Trader Joe's also has tiramisu. I have not seen spumoni other than at Borracchini's Bakery on Rainier. They'll probably have tiramisu as well, but I don't vouch for the quality of either.

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          And I don't vouch for Bucca de Beppo's Tiramisu. Just did a search and found it. Find most of their food super over-garlicky, and middle of the road classic Amer-Italian red sauce stuff. But, would get you a big pan of what you need for your large party.

          I can make you a real Tiramisu, if you want to pick up from me, and pay the cost+ time... I am doing it for my family for our Christmas, and could make more. Easy for me....

          Check my email on my profile if interested, and send a note if you want the real deal.

        2. Maggiano's does a takaway tray. But the best tiramisu I've had locally is from Tosoni's. Definitely would have to preorder as I doubt they go through that much in a weekend.

          1. I'm the OP here. Found my tiramisu right here in Kirkland at Lucias in ParkPlace. Served the purpose very well. Very rich food so took lots of leftovers home and will be wearing them on my hips for quite some time.