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Dec 16, 2011 07:52 AM

Where to Buy Shells for Coquilles St. Jacques?


Looking to make this for christmas, but so far the only ones i've spotted were $3.50 each, which seemed a little pricey for a one-off meal.

Anyone know of anywhere cheaper, preferably downtown toronto?


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  1. That's cheap from what I've seen.

    Golda's has similar (just round single serving) for $4

    US prices are around $3 so you won't find it cheaper here.

    You might want to substitute a ramekin instead. $2 at Golda's

    Obviously it's not low and flat as a shell/gratin dish but if cost is your primary concern . . . .

    1. T&T (Cherry St) sells frozen scallops on the half shell for a reasonable price. The shells can be re-used.

      T And T Supermarket Milliken
      5661 Steeles Ave E, Toronto, ON M1V, CA

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          Gratin dishes might work but still $4 each. Can serve double duty later in your cooking career :)

          Real scallop shells (my original search pulled in gratin dishes as they had substituted for shells.

          Lowest I've found for real shells is about 50c each but you have to get 25 and then shipping kills the deal (ebay canada but the seller is in the US). Good luck.

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            T&T Promenade sells them too, but they are small.