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Dec 16, 2011 06:51 AM

Where can I buy couverture chocolate in Toronto?

I love the advent calendar that CHOW is running and want to try making the chocolate covered caramels. I also want to use good chocolate, and according to the recipe they suggest couverture. But I'm having a hard time finding it so far.

I work at Yonge & College and live at Lansdowne & Bloor. Any suggestions for places around these areas? I tried the Nuthouse and they did have some Belgian baking chocolate but wasn't sure if that's the same thing or similar (I don't think it is).


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  1. Depending on how much you're making plain Lindt Chocolate (either the dark or milk) are couverture. Belgian baking chocolate is Not. Also if you have any grocery stores that sell PC products near you I had some success last year with they're giant chocolate bars. They weren't couv but better than any kind of baking chocolate. Also I'd recommend them because if this is your first foray into chocolate making it'll be a little more forgiving. (Also cheaper last year the dark chocolate was 750g for $7.99)
    If you really want to go with Couverture chocolate your best bets are the basement of St. Lawrence Market. They have pretty good prices and they'll help you out. Also I believe there's a bulk store around Bloor and Dovercourt that should have decent chocolate.
    Sorry if that was too long I love working with chocolate!

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      Actually the PC Black Label has three types of couverture, including one for milk chocolate. I'll be interest to experiment with them.

      1. re: ComeUndone

        I wonder if it's the same as they're old chocolate. It tempered very well so I think it was couverture and it would not be the first time this black label had claimed an old recipe as it's own.

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        Hi LexiFirefly - I use the PC Bittersweet chocolate bar for all my baking too, have been for years. It works great. For a real splurge, I would use Valrhona or Callebaut, but for everyday use, the PC bar at 3.99 is a steal.

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          I know right? I was shocked at how ell it tempered. I use Callebaut for friends and family but for hostess gifts ect. I love the PC bars!

      3. If you're driving, McCall's store, called McCall's School of Cake Decoration, at 3810 Bloor West has always carried couverture tablets. This is the McCall's store--it's at Six Points, if that's any help:

        I see they also operate a warehouse in Mississauga, but haven't been there.

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          The warehouse is industry only, you need a membership to purchase anything from there.

        2. Thank you both! This is helpful :-)

          1. Whole Foods carries a variety of Couverture options. You can also buy it at the chocolate shop in Kensington Market, the name of which I can never remember.