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Dec 16, 2011 06:46 AM

Cheesewerks - Grilled Cheese at Bathurst and Wellington

I first heard about this place when a friend had one of their grilled cheeses and soups at the Distillery District Christmas market (worth while checking out for the atmosphere and free drink samples BTW).

I read on RFD that today they are doing free grilled cheese to celebrate their opening for free between noon and 2 pm.

From their facebook page:

FREE LUNCH FRIDAY: We are so excited to be launching today at 12pm. Here are a couple notes for today's big celebration.

1) We are going to be busy, we'll feed you - but be patient with us.
2) We are only grilling our CW Original Grilled Cheese between 12-2pm.
3) All other CW Grilled Cheese will be available after 2pm.

If anyone is in the area please report back.

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  1. Had their sandwiches at the distillery as well, it was slightly pricey, but absolutely delicious. Glad to hear they have a store!

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    1. re: Wil

      There are a few homeless people lined up since 11ish. Its going to be exciting in there! I will wait a day or two personally....

      1. re: justsayn

        We were heading up Bathurst to try the home-made meatball sandwich at Tavolino for the first time but Cheesewerks drew us in. I was looking forward to comparing their meatball to Hey Meatball, so I still need to get there

        Suddenly at Cheesewerks, we both ordered the Houston - and we both felt deceived. I hate to write this after watching so much effort go into such a beautiful shop, but its the truth.

        Description of The Houston - jalepeno jack, braised beef brisket, House-made BBQ sauce grilled on marble sourdough. Add house-made garlic ketchup and it exceeds $10.00

        First off, the ketchup was really good, and because I was still so hungry once the sandwich was gone, I actually finished the ketchup like soup.

        It was a great grilled cheese sandwich - you know, bread, butter, cheese and then grilled. Tough to screw up that classic buttery ooey tasty treat.

        I don't think we were given jalepeno jack. If we were, the sauces completely cancelled out any jalepeno flavour.

        Now think about the awesome quick-food scene in Toronto right now. Add to that the slick presentation of Cheesewerks, throw on top of that, 10 bucks for a grilled cheese and then what do the words "braised beef brisket" bring to mind? Well if your at Cheesewerks you get absolutely tasteless deli slices of roast beef literally pulled from a ziplock bag with a price sticker on the side probably from Metro. We really felt ripped off! Tasteless machine sliced deli meat should not be called braised beef brisket...ever!

        Even if I wanted that crappy brown meat with cheese, which I never, ever would, we could have just gone to Metro for the ingredients to throw 3 or 4 of these on the panini grill at home for the same $10 price. And we wouldn't walk away hungry!

        Call your product what it is, and if people want it good for you.

        The Houston - jalepeno jack, braised beef brisket, House-made BBQ sauce grilled on marble sourdough is actually, The Houston - jack cheese, deli roast beef, and BBQ sauce on grilled sourdough. Blech!

    2. Went last weekend with my wife. She had the regular gilled cheese (the original), and I had the Beijing. I liked could taste the smoked cheese although it could have had a bit more of it (she didn't like the smoke flavour). The Beijing had three good flavours (hoisin, pork, and green onion) that, in my opinion, did not go with the flavour of the asiago cheese at all.

      Also, we waited at least 15 min for our food, despite being the only people there and being outnumbered by staff by about 3-1. I might give it another chance if I was around, but probably wouldn't go out of my way.

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      1. re: Strongbad789

        We also waited around 15 minutes. They slow grill it so the cheese melts completely and the bread doesn't burn. I think they do that right.

        I've heard that the Original is the way to go and probably worth returning for.

        I noticed that they have a ton of kitchen/prep space to work with so anything is possible in the near future for them...

        1. re: justsayn

          i live upstairs and was excited to see what happened there. i give it less than 6 months

      2. When they were at Distillery District I think they were charging $7 for a sandwich and $10 with a soup. I think that included taxes.

        The cheese shops seem to charge $7 for a good grilled cheese sandwich so I think they need to be in that price range to make a go of it.

        Thanks for posting your review Justsayn. Based on what you said I am going to be avoiding the place for now.

        Looking forward to reading your review of Tavolino in another thread.

        1. Anyone sign up to be a "board member" :) :

          They seem to spent time on design/graphic layout for their website/etc ... I hope they improve the product.

          I wonder if anyone has signed up for this board member thing. I was cleaning up around my place and found a flyer for the above that I had picked up at the Beer Fest during the summer. I didn't realize it was the same place. According to the flyer it sounds like they are planning on selling cheese/ artisinal beer, etc. I am guessing that isn't set up yet?

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          1. re: ylsf

            While I have no experience with these to comment, they do serve beer from Beau's, King, Denison's Breweries. They have some cheese packaged for retail. As well, bread and desserts from St. John's Bakery which is always excellent.

            I am not sure what they will do in order to ensure success, but they have tons of prep/cook space which will allow them to make significant changes to the product/menu as they find their way. In my opinion they need to get over all of the hyberbole and get honest with serving great foodie product because they can't sell small sized Quizno crap at these prices for long.

            Notice they don't include pricing online - seems they already lack confidence in the offering...

            Hopefully they will figure it out and at the same time hopefully the 'hood will support the retail side of things so it will grow!

          2. The original comment has been removed