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Dec 16, 2011 06:35 AM

BBQ & Blues Joint on 101 in W. Milford set to open soon

Drove by this morn - I believe the sign out front said opening NYE.

Still no branding yet.

This is the site of the former coffee shop unfortunately located 1 door down from a Dunkies

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  1. This is the former ice cream place, the big yellow building? Name is escaping me at the moment. Looks like Memphis BBQ & Blues has an active FB page. Interested in checking it out, particularly as the BBQ guy who was set up in the old police station has vanished.

    1. Deadly location. Hope they succeed.

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      1. re: whs

        Sign out front says Dec 20th is opening day.

        1. re: Msample

          I love BBQ so I'm very interested to hear how this place is. BT's in Sturbridge is my favorite in New England, but that's a long drive.

          1. re: rizzo0904

            Tante - this place was most recently an independent coffee shop, next to a Dunkies. The Q here is - is there any tie to W. Milford BBQ cart guy?

            1. re: cringle22

              I don't think so--Phil's BBQ, the guy who was by the old police station, has posted on FB that he's closed for the season. Kind of a bummer, since we had planned to order a brisket for the holidays. Don't know for sure that there's no connection, though.

      2. My question is which one of us will be the guinea pig to go first and do some research for the rest of us? ;)

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          I've got way too much to do this week to get out to Milford...but maybe I'll try to check it out next week once the Xmas rush is over.

          1. re: rizzo0904

            They looked open when I drove by last night. I won't be able to get there til late next week.

            It would be nice if they got some sort of website up, or at least put some basic info on their Facebook page.


            1. re: Msample

              They now have menu posted in the photo section. Wish they had some multi meat combo platters. Note Sunday menu is very limited.

              1. re: Msample

                I went last night on a weekday evening after work.

                I got a brisket platter with an a la carte quarter rack of ribs. Ordering al a carte was necessary since there are no combo platters. Sides I
                chose mac n cheese and beans. About $30 including a soda and tip. Expensive for
                what you get IMO.

                Smoke flavor was minimal to non existent, and the
                brisket, while having decent moisture and tenderness, was more on the
                pot roasty side. Brisket was borderline overcooked, but didn't fall
                apart. Ribs probably could have been heated through a bit more. I'll go
                back for a Saturday lunch at some point when it is quieter and see if I
                can poke around.

                Ribs had a small smoke ring, but were pretty skimpy meat wise. It was a
                quarter rack of four "bones", and was cut from the skirt end of the rear
                of the rack from the looks of it. Only one had what was a full length
                bone, the others were cartilage and the end. This is a pet peeve of mine
                and drives me nuts. On the plus side, there was a decent amount of rub
                on both the ribs and brisket. The rub flavor was a bit mild for my
                tastes, but points for not being shy with it and not drowning it in
                sauce. Both meats were served dry without requesting it.

                Sauce on the side comes in the usual six pack holder. Mustard, "BBQ" ,
                Spicy. I didn't try the mustard, but the other two were OK - thankfully,
                not cloyingly sweet.

                Sides were OK. Beans were a bit mushy, with a thick sauce with decent
                sweetness but not too sweet. Small bits of bacon, but you couldn't taste
                it at all either in the beans and when I picked the pieces out, not much
                taste. Mac n cheese was homemade, but had a thick leathery layer of
                cheddar on the top and a bit dry. Like the meat, probably would have
                benefitted from a little more prep before serving - slower and longer
                heating would have improved the texture.

                They have seating for about 40 at tables, and about 10 bar seats. At
                6:30 on a Wed, they were almost full, esp the bar, which already seems
                to have developed a townie/barfly crowd unfortunately. The location is
                kind of cursed, but they might last a while. Time will tell. It's so
                close I'll return and see if they evolve.

                1. re: Msample

                  funny that you mention the rib joint developing a 'townie/barfly' crowd. Malarkeys parking lot has looked pretty sparse at times lately.

                  and I can see why they might. zero effort into making the place look at all nice or inviting.

                  as for the location being cursed ... the previous tenants, in their infinite wisdom, put up a coffee shop next to a Dunkies on a strictly commuting stretch of road. That's not a curse, that's just cluelessness.

                  1. re: cringle22

                    LOL. A coworker has a theory that the barflies were the ones kicked out of Malarkeys.

                    1. re: Msample

                      if that is the case, bring your blaster and a wookie

                      1. re: cringle22

                        Nothing I've read here or anywhere else is making me want to venture over there. Hopefully things shake out but I think I'll wait.

        2. After looking at their Facebook page (limk above), it becomes apparent that this place is not so much about the food, but more about their entertainment and music scene. There's always hope, but I'm afraid it doesn't bode well.

          1. Went for lunch today...first time.

            Restaurant is very clean. Owner is friendly. They just put in an outside area that will have music at night I believe.

            Food: hot links...had this as an app. made at Bare Bonz. These were good, not too spicy at all.

            Beans: delicious. Rich molasses flavor. Not mushy at all.

            Mac and Cheese: homemade, but could use more cheese flavor and a more al dente pasta. Good enough though.

            Ribs: had a slight smoke ring. My hubby loved them. I'm not a rib fan so I didn't bother.

            Beef brisket sandwich: I thought this was really good. Love that the meat came dry and not slathered in sauce.

            Sauces: I'm not a fan of mustard based, so I stuck with the tomato based. There are 2 and they were very similar to me. The smoky one didn't taste much different from the original. They were good and made with natural corn syrup or crap added in.

            Cherry cobbler: this was so good. It was more like cherry upside down cake. Fresh berries and so yummy!

            I would go here again...maybe not at night when I think it gets to be pretty loud. That's just not my style. But it does sound like they get some pretty damn good bands in there.