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Dec 16, 2011 04:46 AM

Miller's (Stratford, CT) secret spices revealed

Pretty damn awesome. And now you can order it for home use.

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  1. I really miss their hotdogs! Used to ship them to family members out of state. We had their seasoned steak for Easter one year. It was fantastic

    1. Bless You for sharing. I may have to call to see if I can drive up to Southbury to pick up right away!

      1. I was so excited to hear this news that I called Annie directly at her Cigar Shop in Southbury. (The number is on their website.) She was so nice and told me that I was welcome to drive up to her store and buy the spice rub instead of ordering direct online. I surprised my sister with one bag for Christmas and bought one for myself too. My sister ordered a trimmed and rolled pork butt from Liscio's Meat Land. It was about 4.5 lbs. He trimmed the fat and it was tied beautifully. While at Liscio's, my sister and the butcher discussed Millers, and the Liscio guy was telling her how so many of his customers come in asking about the Miller-style pork roast. He thought it was referred to as the "Black Wunder." He was going to try to call Annie to see if he could sell her product in his market. He remembers the Miller roasts as well and said how he used to sell Miller hot dogs at his market but now has to make his own. Anyway, she made us dinner tonight, and it was incredible, just as we remembered. I have attached a few photos. YUMMMMY. And, by the way, the roast was cooked to 172 at 2 hours and up to 190 at 2.5 hours, but super tender and delicious! Order some of the spice rub if you never experienced it. Their recipes are on her website.

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          Awesome. Now to get Annie to start making and selling those wonderful hot fogs again! Or if Liscio's could replicate them.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. It is confirmed. They are selling the Miller's Rub now at Liscio's Meatland over near the Bridgeport/Trumbull/Stratford border!