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Dec 16, 2011 01:48 AM

American Eatery at SF's Ferry Building

American Eatery by the folks at Prather Ranch really is opening this morning (friday, dec 16) at 7am, according to an email from the publicist. So, if anyone's passing through the Ferry Building at breakfast time, please clue us in. The opening day menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner is up on the website, .

American Eatery
1 Ferry Bldg, San Francisco, CA

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  1. They're having issues with their cash register but will hopefully be open for lunch by 10:30

    1. Had a burger there today. I liked it and thought it was better than any burger I've ever had at the Ferry Building (which doesn't say too much since I'm not a big Gott's fan). The pickle was good, too, but I didn't care for the fries, which were mediocre at best. However, the issue, as far as I'm concerned, is the price. Like everything in the Ferry Building, this place is way overpriced. A bacon cheeseburger and fries cost $14.75 plus tax. Earlier this week, I had a cheeseburger with fries (no bacon, but with their "secret sauce") at Parallel 37. That one was $15. So at Parallel 37, I got to enjoy a burger (that was better) and fries (that were way better) at the bar of a swanky Ritz-Carlton restaurant with great ambience and having the food prepared and served by a staff that supposedly is largely made up of people that used to work at the Michelin-starred Dining Room. At American Eatery, I had to stand in a hallway waiting for take-out food for 10+ minutes from a very spartan operation that always cooks the burgers medium rather than to order. Price difference: a whopping 25 cents.

      If I'm going to pay restaurant-burger prices near the Ferry Building, I might as well go across the street to Americano and pay a couple of extra bucks for a burger that is better and served in a much nicer environment.

      Oh, and BTW, Parallel 37 rocks!

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      1. re: nocharge

        Great run-down of both offerings, thank you. Is the burger at Parallel 37 in the bar only, lunch only or . . . ?

        Here's a dinner report for Parallel 37,

        Parallel 37
        600 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA 94108

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          The burger is on the bar menu. In the bar/lounge, the regular dinner menu is available as well.

        2. re: nocharge

          You asked for rare or medium-rare and they said no? That seems nuts for grass-fed beef.

          The basic price is $8, $1 more than Gott's.

          From the "Eatery" name I was expecting a place where you could eat, not a takeout counter.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            I asked them if they would cook it to order and was told that they only do medium. And it actually says medium on the menu. It was tasty (the bacon probably helped) but hardly the best burger I've ever had.

          2. re: nocharge

            I agree with Nocharge about the burger and especially the price. Seems like most of the items on the menu is at least $9. The burger seemed like a bargain at $8.

            I actually do think the burger is cooked perfectly, with a nice char flavor from the grill and a nice pinkish center. They say they cook it medium, but to me it does feel more on the medium rare side. It wasn't dripping in juice, but it still had a pink color in the center.

            Here's a photo of the burger in my roundup although I didn't get a shot of the pink center:

            I did notice that during the weekdays, they have tables and chairs set up in the hallway (similar to Il Cane Rosso) but on the busy weekends, the tables and chairs are gone and you're left with only the stand up counter bar on the side.

            Also of note: On Saturday when I went, they had issues again with their computers. So they were writing out orders, which also meant the service was super slow. I see they had this same issue when they first opened a couple of weeks ago, so hopefully they can resolve this computer glitch moving forward.

            1. re: singleguychef

              Those tables in the hallway there are for patrons of Boulette's Larder, not Prather.

              1. re: foodeye

                Oh, you wouldn't think that since it's in front of American Eatery. When did Boulette start doing that? Too bad they can't do that on the weekends for brunch, but understandable because of the crowds.

          3. I was very happy with my meatball sandwich. I planned on taking it home to eat so they suggested they pack it deconstructed: meatballs and cheese in one container and greens in another with the roll separate. It was all very good and I really appreciated their willingness to accommodate my concern about sogginess.