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Dec 15, 2011 08:07 PM

Galitos Restaurant in Mount Vernon offers authentic Portuguese cuisine

A few weeks ago I had my first dinner in Galitos after the return of Chef Luisa Fernandes as its Executive Chef. I was glad to see that the food quality continues to be totally outstanding. The service was friendly & helpful. Galitos does provide a very authentic Portuguese food experience. On Fridays do not miss their special buffet option: 12 appetizers, 6 main dishes and desserts for $20 per person plus live music.

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  1. Chef Luisa is a true delight! Her food is even brighter then her smile! Can't wait to go here. Thanks Miguel

    1. Galitos is one of my favorite local restaurants. Their fried calamari is always excellent and the Portuguese steak with the fried egg on top is something I really enjoy. A busy night can overwhelm the servers though but even when service is a little slow it is well worth it.