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Dec 15, 2011 08:01 PM

Buche de Noel cake?

Where can I get the most delicious and moist buche de noel...Yule log...mocha cake on the westside for my Christmas dinner? Needs to be pretty, too...

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  1. The Susina version is quite good. Very tasty and pretty too.

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      Sweet Rose Creamery
      "Put a frozen twist on a holiday tradition with a Sweet Rose Buche Noel. Chocolate cake is rolled with Verve Coffee Ice Cream; then it gets dressed up for the holidays with a Chocolate Ice Cream & Crispy Almond “bark” and accessorized with meringue mushrooms. We’re taking orders until December 19th! Give us a call; (310) 260-2663 "
      There is a photo on the website. Gorgeous!

    2. I got one from Bouchon bakery yesterday for a party. Everyone loved it. $45 for the medium size. I think you may have to order ahead of time.

      1. I love the one from La Maison du Pain. Cute little macaron mushrooms and all!


        1. You might try Champagne...I bought a lovely yule log at the one at National and Barrington...

          1. The few Buche de Noel cakes I've ever gotten for friends I've gotten at Caprice on Pico near Centinela The owner is from Alsace Lorraine so I think they're pretty authentic. He has something like 3 or 4 flavors; like Grand Marinier. I noticed that Normandie Bakery on Jefferson and Cochran (between La Brea and La Cienega) also sells them, but I didn't enquire. The owner is a French lady, but I don't know how much time she spends there because I know she spends time between L.A. and Las Vegas where is has a business too. Last time I looked the Normandie Bakery's website was in suspension, but the place is open. Ate there last week.