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Dec 15, 2011 07:53 PM

Where's a nice, inexpensive, romantic place to have dinner?

Hello all! I'm a new member to the forums so a big Nom! Nom! greeting to you all!!

Well, my girlfriend is coming up here from Florida in two weeks and after the new year, I promised and planned on taking her to a nice, cozy, romantic dinner with good food. I am not looking for anything too luxurious or fancy but a place that's cozy, with great food, good ambiance, not too loud and in a nice area. Somewhere, where we should dress up little bit more than casual.

I'm familiar with hole-in-the-wall type of places and great food throughout all the boroughs but not so much familiar with romantic restaurants. hahaha.

I'm looking for either an Italian, Spanish, Sushi restaurant. If I have to spend a little bit of cash fine but I am not trying to blow my life savings! I'm looking for any place preferably in Manhattan, Queens or Brooklyn. Maybe even the Bronx (Bronx has awesome food just don't know any place that's exactly romantic). Thanks to everyone so much who can help me!

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  1. What about Pipa? There is a very romantic vibe and the food is great (tapas/shared plates).

    38 East 19th Street, New York, NY 10003

    1. It would be helpful if you were more specific about your budget. So, tell us how much you are willing to spend per person for *food only* (keeping mind that you will have to add drinks, tax & tip).

      1. We don't nom here, we chow.

        Welcome to the board ;)

        Yes, an idea about your budget and preferred neighborhoods in Manhattan (other boroughs you'll have to ask on "Other Boroughs" board) would help.