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Dec 15, 2011 07:12 PM

Strange Passover request

Does anyone know if there is some type of fruit snack that is Kosher for Passover? Please someone say there is such an animal, PLEASE!

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  1. you mean like a fruit roll up type thing?

    i didnt see it last year, but the year before i bought one made by gedila (sp?)

    it was very weird, didnt taste bad, but the consistency was funny, maybe the lack of corn syrup is the problem?

    i also know there were a few brands in the sfardi markets, but i have no idea if they were kitniyot

    1. I know you're probably looking for Gushers type of snacks, but there are always those sugar coated fruit slices/wedges (these:

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      1. re: tamarw

        I hardly think these are interchangeable; the idea that they have any actual fruit in them is pretty laughable, actually.

        1. re: queenscook

          oh I agree, I hate the slices, but my little guy loves them.

      2. I never buy this stuff, so I don't know what is available commercially, but it is possible to make your own. Google "fruit leather recipe" or "fruit roll ups recipe," you'll find any number of recipes.

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        1. re: queenscook

          My husband thinks that Paskesz made a Pesachdik fruit leather last year.

        2. Thanks for all the replys. I will not try to make my own nor will I subject these kids to the slices - ICK! They may have to make due with marshmellows:)

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          1. re: Prettypoodle

            Pomegranate in brooklyn had several types of fruit leather/fruit wrinkle type snacks kosher for passover. I didn't find them to be all that bad, although there was a noticeable difference from the standard ones.

            1. re: Hirscheys

              Cool! Maybe, maybe somone in the Philly area will have some too. One can only hope!

            1. re: almond tree

              I LOVE apple chips so they maybe out of luck:) Nahhh I really like the kids, so I'd share:)