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Dec 15, 2011 06:34 PM

epices a grillades

Hello All,

I used to live up near the Quebec border, in NY state, and fell in love with the Quebec "grillade" spice mix that one could buy at the grocery stores in the area. The stuff I used to buy was likely mixed at the stores that sold it, since it was sold in deli cups and priced by weight.

Now I am in North Carolina and trying to find either a place to order this spice mix online, or (even better) a recipe to make my own. Sadly, all I can find when I type in anything to do with "grillade" gives me a Cajun/Louisiana "grillade." It just doesn't seem like the same thing at all. I've seen references to "Montreal Spice" but this is not the same as what I have been using either.

I'm almost out of the Quebec grillade spice that I brought down here with me. Can anyone here help? I would be incredibly grateful.

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  1. Do you mean Montreal Steak Spices maybe? Unless it was rebranded for the US, I never heard of Quebec grillade spices.

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      If you do mean Mtl steak spice, you can order from Schwartz's:

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        It is the stuff sold for pork "grillades." I am not sure if what you are speaking of is the same. In the short time I lived up near Quebec I only ever saw pork strips used in this way and with these spices. I was told that this is a very common Quebecois dish, and from what I saw, most groceries had this spice for sale in the manner I described. Almost as common as poutsine (hope I spelled that right) I guess. ;) The spice that is sold in the States as "Montreal Steak Seasoning" is not it, that's for sure. I tried it. I guess if all else fails I can try the place you suggest, but I am hoping someone here knows the exact product I am looking for. :) Thank you.

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          I think what you're looking for might be a regional thing. I assume you're talking about "grillade" the cut of pork and not the general term used for grilled meat. If there's a spice mix specific for that cut of meat, I've never heard of it. What else does it say on your package and in what part of Qu├ębec was it bought?

    2. Oh, and on the package from the grocery, it was called by the name in the topic heading, not Quebec grilling spice. That's just me being an English speaker. ;)

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        what store and which city? We can start the investigation from there. You made me very curious to try this mysterious spice on my next BBQ.

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          I lived in Malone, NY. I had friends in Valleyfield, Quebec. The last package I got (the one that I have here with me) isn't clearly labeled. There is no real store logo on it. What it does say on it, on the bottom, is: "Boucherie Distinction" (Name of shop? I don't remember a market with this name, but I don't read/speak French and so it may have been and I didn't notice this.). Then below is an address: "348 Chemin Larocque, Valleyfield." From what my friends said, these spices could be purchased from several of the local groceries though, not just one.

          And yes, this is referred to by the people I knew there as not just the particular cut of pork, but also the way that cut is prepared (seasoned with these spices and cooked on a grill). Getting that exact cut of pork here in NC is very difficult, but I have taken to using these spices on all pork cuts, as well as poultry and in potatoes.

          Again, thank you. :)

          1. re: Bowluvr

            Boucherie Distinction
            348, ch Larocque, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, QC J6T 4C3
            (450) 377-5292

            Apparently they don't have a website, but they do have a Facebook page

            If you can't get your spice, let me know and we'll figure something out.

            From the few pages of the "Famous" Valleyfield Grillade that I saw, they are simply grilling fresh pork belly. Same cut as bacon, but fresh rather than cured and smoked. You should be able to buy this in your neck of the woods (isn't the Carolinas 2nd largest pork producing area in the states?). I usually buy my pork belly in Chinatown, but you should be able to at least order it through your local butcher (some Korean stores sell this frozen, sliced, ready to go).
            Remove the skin, slice as thick or thin as you'd like, grill.
            Seems the Valleyfield folk make sandwiches outta this (with crusty bread - something my mother-in-law adores).

            1. re: porker

              Actually I can do this one better if I want that cut. I have a local small-scale farmer who butchers, cuts, cures and sells hams, sausages and various cuts of pork... and delivers! :) If I ask him for some of this, I am sure I can get it. Pig farming is big in this part of the country, which is why I have learned to use these spices on many different cuts. I really love it on pork chops.

              And yes, the way the Valleyfield people make grillades is wonderful. If you get a chance it is worth a try.

      2. Just a coupla questions.

        Did you buy this spice on the American side or the Canadian side?

        Where did you live? Are we talking Champlain/Rouses Point/Moores or more west, Malone/Hogansburg/Massena?

        I drive to Champlain somewhat regularly. In fact, I purchased pickled pig lips for xmas gifts and had them shipped there. I'll be going on Tuesday.

        Lemmee know exactly where you bought it and maybe I can help.

        Like the other posters, I'm not aware of stores selling house-blended stuff like this (so its not as widespread as poutine - hehe), but who knows, maybe we'll solve the mystery.

        when googling "epices de grillades" lotsa european sites came up. adding "quebec" to the search narrowed it a bit.
        I only now heard of the "famous Grillades de Valleyfield" even though Valleyfield is less than an hour from my home...apparently they are famous for grilling fresh pork and use a certain epice de grillades
        or something like

        This had me thinking. Seems theres a private mom&pop spice label for every fleamarket in Quebec. The kind of booth that has maybe 2600 different spices (one for corn, one for steak, one for eggs, one get the idea). Likely every one of these places has their own "epice de grillade" (like the one in the first link I posted).
        Could it be you picked up one of these?

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        1. re: porker

          Yes! That is the "grillade" I am referring to!

          While the spices look just like the spice mix I have, the containers aren't the same. What I have came from a grocery store, in either the deli or meat section (that part I don't remember exactly), and I purchased it in a deli cup sold by weight that was packaged in the store. Whether or not it was mixed there, or bought in bulk and only packaged there I could not say.

          But what you posted looks like what I am after. Yayy!

          Now to find it. The one photo has a container with a brand name on it. Perhaps a good place to start?

          1. re: Bowluvr

            The container in one of those pics says Garno - here's the list of locations that stock Garno spices:

            Maybe one of the interior flea markets would make an arrangement to ship some down to you? Good luck!!!

            1. re: kpzoo

              Thank you. I also went to their website. They have a tab for buying products but it says it is not working at this time. I contacted Garno by email to see if they knew of a supplier who sold online or via mail order.

              Hopefully this will pan out.

              I appreciate everyone's help in this. :)