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Dec 15, 2011 06:03 PM

Paris 9th Arrondissement... where to eat for five days?

My Mrs, kiddo and I are staying in 9th arrondissement for a week. Looking for places to eat, something that won't break the bank but also won't break the stomach.

Also... since we get in on the 24th around 21.00... I imagine everything will be dead. Do we have any hope of finding food once we get there?

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  1. Where are you in the 9th?
    Miroir, Bistro Lorette, Pantruche, L'Office, Chez Casimir are the better eateries without breaking the bank. Miroir is in the 18th on the edge of the 9th.
    You can also walk to Les Fines Gueules.
    For a (relative) splurge, Jean is a good one-star.
    With perhaps the exception of Les Fines Gueules, you should reserve.
    Rouge et Verre is a wine shop with a very decent cave à manger, for lunch only. Another casual eatery is La Table des Anges. Across the street is a good pizzeria Da Carmine.
    Arriving on 24th 9pm is grim. Not only will things be closed but since it is the start of weekend and in Paris most restos are closed for Mondays, you face mostly closed restos until Tuesday.
    Your best bet on your arrival is either a late dinner chez Casimir if it is even open, or walk to Grand Colbert, a brasserie that is ok for the brasserie genre. For that night, must reserve.

    You can also check the "Paris By Mouth" website to find info on restaurants closing during the xmas-new year period.

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      I'll be on Rodier and Condorcet.

      Also, how are those places? I'm looking for mostly casual, pop in and have decent food type of a deal.

      1. re: herzzreh

        They are good restaurants, which means no pop in, except for Rouge et Verre and La Table des Anges, perhaps.
        Near where you are staying, two more eateries: 37m2 and Le 36 Corneil.
        How are they? All are Paris casual, except for Jean, which as I pointed out has one star.

        If you want only pop ins, you don't need chowhound! :-)