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Dec 15, 2011 05:43 PM

The gift of a delicious meal


My brother recently moved to Portland 3 months ago, and I was thinking of getting him a gift certificate to a great restaurant.

The trouble is that I've never been to Portland, and am on the complete other side of the country.

So, that said, if you were going with your significant other, and had a $100 gift certificate to any restaurant in Portland - where would you go?

I know he'd be open to any and all possibilities. He's not too picky when it comes to wine or beer, so no need to go overboard there. He's adventuresome with his food - willing and excited to try new things. After doing some initial research, Beast seemed interesting to me, as did Le Pigeon.


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  1. Got my parents $100 to Le Pigeon last year and the loved it. It's one of my favorite restaurants to hit up when I visit.

    Beast is great too but $100 would pay for about a dinner and a half there.