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Dec 15, 2011 05:33 PM

Need the name of a restaurant in Albuquerque

Let me apologize in advance, I'm working from my memory here. I was told about a Mexican restaurant I believe in downtown Albuquerque. It's supposed to be a traditiofall place to eat at, an institution for people to visit when they're in town. I think it's supposed to have an area where you serve yourself salsas and maybe beans and such.
Can anyone tell me the name and if it's worth a visit?

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  1. Almost kinda sorta sounds like the Frontier, ABQ's funky 24-hour joint. There is New Mex Mex and burgers and breakfast and you name it. They have a hot (temperature) green chile salsa that you serve yourself out of a big crock pot and it tastes good on everything except maybe ice cream. Definitely the kind of place you have to check out at least once in life. I love it, and make a point to visit every time I am in town. Right across from the university...

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      That may be it. The lady who told me about it said its always busy and pretty inexpensive. We'll only be down there for a couple nights but I think we'll make a point to get there. Do you have any other places you like to eat in albuquerque? We're pretty much open to anything except sushi. Would love to have some tamales & authentic new Mexico green chile. We're used to Colorado or Wyoming green chile which is totally different.

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        I really like Duran's Central Pharmacy. We have lunch there sometimes after we've flown into Albuquerque. The food isn't incredible, but the atmosphere and people there are wonderful. It's a combination of pharmacy and restaurant, and it kind of reminds me of Woolworth's lunch counters when I was a kid.

    2. I would either have breakfast or lunch at Frontier, not dinner. There are way better places to have dinner.

      1. We went to the Frontier yesterday for lunch. Ended up at the penguin steakhouse for dinner, at least I think that was the name. It's by the dirty bourbon dance hall and whole hog cafe on Mongtomery. Not sure about dinner, probably look for Mexican and see what pace has a full parking lot.

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          Re: penguin you mean Pelican's? If so, how was it?

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            Pelican! Yes that's it. I'm normally much better with names but lately... :)

            We enjoyed it very much. I ordered the small prime rib which was perfectly med rare even at 8:30 at night. The baked potato was loaded with butter, sour cream, chives, & bacon (no extra cost). The bread was served with roasted garlic cloves and soft butter. The salad was good and the house vinaigrette had a good flavor. My husband ordered the rib-eye and added a lobster tail. He wasn't crazy about the marinade at first but after a few bites, he decided it was good. We were shocked at the lobster tail, it was huge! Normally, they're tiny and over cooked. This one was perfect, very tender and not a bit rubbery.

            My only complaint was the mojito I ordered. It had way to much lime and mint. I know better than to order one anywhere but Miami. Oh well...They were pretty busy and the waitress didn't check on us much but we really didn't need anything so it was alright.

            We'd definitely go back if we get to Albuquerque soon.

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              Glad to hear Pelican's is still good--haven't been there in a long time. I'll have to keep them in mind for next time we're in town, and my SO gets tired of red and green chile.

              I usually have margaritas when in Albuquerque; they are always well-made wherever you go.

        2. I think you're thinking of Garcia's Diner. It's in downtown Albuquerque, near Rio Grande and Central. Serves traditional NM cuisine and is an institution here. So is the Frontier but that's further west across from UNM. They didn't have a salsa bar last time I was there but they may have one now