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Dec 15, 2011 04:52 PM

ISO Cadbury Hot Chocolate

I'm looking for the 1.8 kg tin of Cadbury hot chocolate.
In the past few years, a friend bought them from Costco. No luck this year. Anyone know which store/grocer that carry them? Preferably in the burb within the boundaries: between Sheppard & Elgn Mills and Bathurst & Markham Rd.

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  1. I saw them at my costco last week but they were in the Christmas Chocolate section instead of the hot beverage section. I've also seen it at bulk barn and No Frills but to be honest with you IMO the PC extra rich is better and more widely available. In fact I may have a mug right now!

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      thanks Lexi - I will check bulk barn & no frills. The cadbury has been a regular 'santa' item each year.

      1. re: knusprig

        We have the same traditions :) You may not have much luck though I was looking for it and it looks like the most available thing is for the tassimo coffee makers they're a hot item for christmas so most places may have that. Good Luck!