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Dec 15, 2011 03:55 PM

Looking for a good restaurant with good vegetarian options near Quartier Latin cinema

That is my request for help. Part of our party going to a movie there is a vegetarian. Most of the restaurants on st. denis nearby are more for tourists. Any suggestions within walking distance of Quartier Latin Cinema, near de Maisonneuve and St. Denis most welcome. Thanks.

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  1. According to Google, Pinxto is a 15 minute walk from the cinema. They will have for than enough great food to keep vegetarians and omnivores happy, content and sated.

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      Thanks. Is it a relatively quick place to eat? Any other suggestions that might be closer? (some of our party walk very slowly so 15 minutes on google might be 25 minutes for them)

      1. re: williej

        Hope it's not too late but no it's a long drawn out dinner affair as you order multi-course tapas and the kitchen paces between plates. Min. 1 hour plus for an enjoyable meal I'd say. The more people, the more dishes, the more time.

        La Paryse is a block away from the theatre and have pretty good burgers incl. veg. burgers if you're in the mood for that. You can walk up to Cheval Blanc which is 4 blocks away afterwords for great beer.

    2. Restaurant Menthe et Couscous is at 361 Emery and I think they have some vegetarian options. It is definitely not touristy!

      Here is a Chowhound report (scroll down)
      and here is their menu

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        Thanks that sounds perfect. Will report back.......

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          Went to Menthe et Chocolat. It was quite good and the waitress was really friendly. Thanks all.

        2. Grenadine. 5 minutes walk from the cinema, BYOW and vegetarian friendly.

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            Thanks, That sounds perfect. Will report on it afterwards!

          2. There's Zero 8 as well on St-Denis just a bit up the street from the movie theater

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              Not recommended at all. My sister has a gluten allergy and I took her here when it first opened. Rip off prices and food not good at all.

              1. re: OliverB

                thanks for the opinion, never been as (fortunatly i guess) none of my friends or family are allergic or following any diet of any kind!

            2. Juliette et Chocolat has vegetarian crepe options, which are nice. It's right across the street, IIRC.