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Dec 15, 2011 03:40 PM

Juice Cleanse or Juice Delivery

I'm not sure if this is totally ill-suited to this board or if the detoxifying nature of juice cleanses make them perfectly suited to new orleans. Either way I was wondering if anyone knows a place to get fresh raw juice, or juice fasts. At home in Miami I used to be able to get a days worth of juice delivered fresh nightly

Thanks for your help!

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  1. I don't have a source, but you might try inquiring at the NOLA food co-op grocery store at the Healing Center, 2372 St. Claude.

    1. if it's something you plan to do often I would just buy a juicer, it's much cheaper in the long run and you know what you are getting... also you can have fun making up your own juice mixtures.

      1. check out blueprintcleanse. they deliver nationally and specialize in fresh pressed juices and jucie cleanses. i just read dabout them in january's oprah magazine, and they seem really awesome.

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          Orange juices tend to change over a very short time after being squeezed (hours not days). It became more obvious when I get the honey orange juice here in Thailand, great difference between those that are squeezing it during the day they are selling and those that squeeze it the day before and pack it in an ice box. I bought a relatively expensive (and robust) citrus press from a restaurant supply store and it is awesome.... quite heavy though since the base is iron.

        2. Juices do not "detoxify" and they do not "cleanse".

          Load of baloney.

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            People sometimes do detox/cleansing sessions, sometimes in relation to yoga retreats.... no spices, no caffiene, no alcohol, simple foods, juices and water..... and they feel better after it..... which if it does that for them then it is not baloney for them. Nothing wrong with a break from the usual. I would never be able to do it though since I could not do without my chilies for more than a day :o