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Dec 15, 2011 03:21 PM

Best Cheaper Wine Tastings in Napa/Sonoma

Hello all I am taking my family up to napa for the holidays and we are looking for cute, small, and rustic wineries to visit where the tasting fees are around $10 or less each. I know some of the good wineries can charge anywhere up to $50 for a tasting, which wont work for this group. But we also dont like the huge mass produced wineries much either. Any recommendation for small and charming and cheaper places? thanks!!

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  1. I think the Alexander Valley around Healdsburg is a great area. Lower price tastings, great wineries, beautiful scenery, and little to no crowds. Depending on your location it's not a whole lot farther.

    1. DH & I often split a tasting; otherwise, I wouldn't even last 'til dinner.

      Some of the best cabs in Napa are at Neal Family Vineyards. Small, beautiful winery on Howell Mountain with free tasting *if* you keep your appointment.

      Keenan Winery - nice wines in a laid back, rustic setting & $10pp.

      Elyse - $15pp?

      1. If you have a Visa signature credit card you can get free wine tastings and discounts at wineries in Sonoma. It is a fabulous deal and there are about 60 wineries that participate.

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          Archie25, this sounds interesting. I will be visiting that region in end Jan/Feb and wouldlike to know how I find out more information about this and which 60 wineries it includes.

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            Here is a link to info on the VISA card Sonoma wine tastings: