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Dec 15, 2011 02:54 PM

Chow near The Homestead Resort / Hot Springs, Virginia

(re-posting from DC/Baltimore board with hopes I'll get a response here)

Heading to The Homestead for a couple of nights this weekend and have read less than stellar reviews of their on-site restaurants. We may try Sam Snaed's at the hotel one night but would love to try something else at least the other night (and if there are multiple good options we can forgo Sam's). Any recommendations?

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  1. Your best bet would probably go into either Lexington or Staunton. Lexington is a three-college town, and will several places to choose from in the downtown area. Staunton also has a nice quaint downtown area with a small restaurant district. The Blackfriars Theatre is also in Staunton. Very good replica of Shakepear's theatre with plays most nights. A good outing would be to do dinner and a play in Staunton !

    1. Lexington is an hour from the Homestead and Staunton is further. Part of the beauty of the resort is that it is in the middle of nowhere. The only place to eat we've seen nearby was a diner/lunch spot about 20 minutes out. Can't remember where.

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        Its been a few years but just up the road toward Warm Springs was the Country Cafe, the Pit Stop (BBQ), and the Waterwheel (dinner).