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Non-spicy chinese rec in SGV

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Hey sorry for asking for like a million recs recently, but I got put in charge of planning all of the meals on my latest trip home.

I'm going to lunch on monday with some relatives of mine who i haven't seen in a while and I need to find a chinese restaurant in the SGV. I was thinking about just taking them to Elite for dim sum since we normally go to dim sum or other cantonese food in the SGV (we ate at sea harbor last time we went), but I figured I should ask around and see what other interesting recs people had? might be good to switch it up, maybe taiwanese, shanghainese or something?

Requirement: They're cantonese and they don't like spicy food really, so sichuan / hunan food are out. Anything other recs I'd very much appreciate!

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  1. Your relatives sound like my relatives and they only non-Cantonese restaurant any of them have warmed up to is Din Tai Fung.

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      well ill take them to non-cantonese restaurants and they usually like it, but its always up to me to recommend b/c if i dont then they'll revert back to cantonese food as the default, by my own admission im highly biased towards food from shanghai and south

      DTF would be a decent idea

      any other thoughts?

    2. How about Newport Seafood for whole Lobster, beef loc lac and hot sour soup.

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        oh thats not a bad idea, i go to the one in orange county all the time, i love that place

      2. What about Tasty Noodle House on Las Tunas/Mission, same mini-mall as Golden Deli and Southern Mini-town? It's a small place, but sort of elegant, and a very different feel from the banquet-hall type Cantonese places. Someone with more knowledge can say what region it's from, but it strikes me as sort of "pan-Chinese", but not Americanized. Btw, it's not a noodle house. Have no idea how it got that name.

        Address: 827 West Las Tunas Drive, San Gabriel, CA 91776

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          According to JG, the cooking at Tasty Garden is "a refined version of the famous seafood-intensive cuisine of the northern port city Dalian".

          [Page 2]


        2. Mei Long Village

          Beijing Pie House

          Quan Hy

          Indian Restaurant

          Tasty Garden

          Dean Sin World

          Sin Ba La

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            i was leaning toward DTF, but i spoke with my relatives and one of them has some dietary restrictions around carbs now due to some health concerns, so DTF's menu is probably too carb heavy

            i was leaning towards mei long village since they've got a full shanghainese menu. whats your favorite dishes there?

            Sinbala sounded good too, but then i was thinking i mean maybe the menu is too limited for a family style meal since i feel like all i ever get there is sausage, yen su ji (popcorn chicken) and shaved ice

            1. re: Lau

              At Mei Long Village, I like the pork pump (24 hour notice), chinese radishes with tofu skin, drunken chicken, braised fish head stew, preserved vegetables with bean curd sheets, eggplants, black pepper beef and the xlb are also generally a good option.

          2. How about Yu Garden for shanghainese?

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              how do you feel like it stacks up against mei long village? shanghainese is sounding like a better and better idea the more i think about it

              1. re: Lau

                I haven't been to mei long for a really long time. I did go to Yu Garden earlier this year quite often with my Shanghainese family and friends. Even though I like both places, family and friends prefer Yu Garden. So we end up there alot. I always liked that sweet fried bread at Mei Long.

                Maybe someone who has been to both recently might want to chime in.

                1. re: cartbaby

                  fried sweet bread? do you know what its called in chinese or can u describe it? (zha man tou?)

                  im leaning toward yu garden, im going to force myself not to take them to a cantonese restaurant b/c i almost caved yesterday and was like it will be easier to go to elite where i know they'll like the food

                  1. re: Lau

                    Maybe zha yinsijuan (银丝卷)?

                    My vote is for Shanghai Yu Yuan or even Shanghai Xiao Chi over Mei Long Zhen. I will admit that I haven't been to Mei Long for a couple of years, but I did go a number of times after they started going downhill, and at the time, it was really noticeably not good.

                    Someone also mentioned this new place; I'm curious to try it when I get a chance.

                    1. re: will47

                      Shanghai No. 1 Seafood Village is pretty good. Do try it out.

                      1. re: AlkieGourmand

                        ah thanks will keep in mind next time i'm home

                        it sounds a little weird, is it serving cantonese dim sum or shanghainese food?

                          1. re: ipsedixit

                            ah interesting, thanks

                            its a weird combo trying to be shanghainese and then serving cantonese dim sum

            2. Has anyone been to Bon Marche Bistro recently?


              I have not seen a SoCal/LA/SGV Cantonese menu that stands out like this place, with a specialization in Hakka Cantonese.

              The poon choy 盆菜 sounds good here.

              Other things that catch my eye:

              釀鯪魚 Stuffed Fish (assuming they use either carp or dace


              梅菜扣肉 Pork w/ Preserved Vegetable

              大澳蒸肉餅 Steamed Ground Pork

              梅菜蒸肉餅 Steamed Ground Pork w/ Preserved Vegetable

              家鄉蒸肉餅 Countryside Style Steamed Ground Pork

              生炒一字骨 Stir Fried Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs (one of the definitive HK dai pai dong style dishes)

              客家煎釀豆腐 Tofu w/ Pork (this could be dope)

              鐵鑊蒜片基圍蝦 Sliced Garlic on Shrimps

              圍頭脆皮腩仔 Roast Belly Pork

              but I would take it a step further and find out if they can special pre-order rare dishes not on the menu...

              I would probably rather go here for dinner than a dim sum lunch, which the latter is definitely not their specialty.

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              1. re: K K

                oh man, i had convinced myself to not take them to a cantonese restaurant, but this sounds really good and i totally forgot about this place....although i guess it is sort of new territories hakka / cantonese. im definitely getting dishes like poon choy if i go there not dim sum

                now im debating between yu garden and bon marche

                1. re: K K

                  The last few times I passed by it looked closed, no neon light on. I coulda sworn I saw plywood on the window this pass week but then again this is from the street and driving.

                  1. re: luckattack

                    We were there with my in-laws a week or two ago, so definitely still open. It wasn't very busy, but the food was still pretty good. That location is kind of unfortunate, since it's kind of tucked away.

                    The boss's wife sings Cantonese Opera karaoke when it's busy (usually on Sat night), and that alone is worth the price of admission.

                    1. re: will47

                      We were there on a not-too-busy Monday last year and she sang. Definitely adds to the experience!

                    2. re: luckattack

                      No plywood, but it was closed when I went by. However the TV was on.

                  2. the fried sweet bread might be the silver thread rolls - i've had them steamed and fried both at Giang -Nan which is a personal fave (over meilong village - people differ) Zha Yin-si zhuan.

                    I like Giang-Nan. It's Huaiyang food - y angzhou and hangzhou specialties.
                    Also very nice is Qingdao Bread food on - is it Garfield or Atlantic? tasty and not too spicy at all. Shandong style - different than 101 noodle express. Not spicy! They have these dumplings called Lu-Jiao, that are pan-well, can't tell if they're just slow=fried or if they're baked. But they're quite good.
                    Also, China Islamic is very different and not spicy - the large sesame breads, the lamb stews. This is so not Cantonese - who knows if they'll like it? I do.

                    1. hey guys thanks for all the recs, but i ended up completely just not going to chinese and taking them to korean food at Seongbukdong. I'll use these recs next time i'm at home in a few months

                      if you're interested in my review on seongbukdong, here it is: