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Dec 15, 2011 02:02 PM

Foodie Family & Fine Fare: Where to in Montreal?

Right, so I had the blessed idea of treating my parents and brother to a fancy dinner rather than buy them Christmas gifts this holiday season (who doesn't love quality time with relatives right?). We are quite the adventurous bunch and well traveled therefore our palette's can be rather scrupulous of undeserving fare.

I made reservations at Les 400 Coups as I have yet to hear terrible things about it. Nonetheless, I fear it may be on the pretentious french end of the fine dining spectrum. While I do want to experience one of the better food venues Montreal has to offer, the pretentious/small portioned-leave-you-forgetting-whether-it-was-good-or-not-because-there-wasn't-enough-for-a-second-bite style dishes are unimpressive. To give you an idea of restos recently tended and enjoyed: Kitchen Galleries Poisson, Le Bremner, DNA and Europea (although slightly up "that" alley). I've heard great things about Comptoir Charcuterie et Vin but they are closed until some time in January. I've heard mixed reviews about Joe Beef and I've also been advised to attempt Quartier General.

If there are other suggestions for trying to impress the unimpressionable, do tell. Also please instill confidence in my choice of Les 400 Coups (if deserving).

My parents are truly lovely people... I swear.. : |

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  1. Les 400 coups is a no brainer; and is not stuffy nor is it pretentious.

    Le Comptoir is open during christmas time (at least up to the 31st. (maybe you are thinking about Brasserie T which is closed up to the 11th and Toqué up to the 13)

    1. The only fault I would be able to find with les 400 Coups is that they insist on dressing their staff in these ridiculous gray vests that are only one size, despite their staff being many different sizes. The portions while not Las Vegas style huge are not nouvelle cuisine microscopic either. Like Mama Bear's bowl of porridge, chair and bed they are "just right."

      That being said, everything on their menu is much tastier than Mama Bear's bowl of porridge. Had Goldilocks eaten something from les 400 Coups the story would have had a very different ending.

      1. Dear Andie, please come to the West Island and try the 40 Westt and I'm sure your parents and yourself will be impressed!
        The taipan.

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          yeah, dont go to 40 west unless you want a traditional steakhouse experience which by the info provided in your original post isnt what you want. if you have a healthy budget la porte could be worth a look

          1. re: ahnuld

            Thanks Maximilien and Eater Bob for the 400 coups reinforcement! I think I'll stick to my decision despite the ill-advised uniform choice. Besides, if the waiters are worth looking at, the vest shouldn't be a distraction!

            And Ahnuld, agreed, the traditional steakhouse is unimpressive. I've never been to 40 west, nor is it on my list of must-eats. I've heard great things, but I just don't think enough effort goes into a steak for it to be worthy of the price tag.

            Much thanks!