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Dec 15, 2011 01:22 PM

Error trying to post

Every time I try and post a reply to someone else's post I get routed to my account screen where it says get posting or whatever, very frustrating.

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  1. Well I was able to do it here, reply that is...

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    1. re: FedUpNow

      Again tried and it takes me to my profile.

    2. Is this on any particular topic, or in general outside of Site Talk? In either case, does it respond correctly after you refresh a page behaving that way?

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      1. re: Engineering

        Now I've lost the page, trying to find it again. I will let you know ...if I can find it again.

        1. re: Engineering

          Okay, found the page, now it works, problem resolved.

          1. re: FedUpNow

            I'm fairly certain I recognize the bug you're describing. When you log in to the site on a topic page, the "reply" links do not always behave correctly on that specific page until it is refreshed. Our apologies for the confusion, we are aware of the issue and hope to resolve it in the foreseeable future.