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New Year's Eve Dinner in DC

My wife and I are heading to Washington DC for a short vacation over New Year's weekend. We have never been to the area before and have no idea what we should do for New Year's Eve. We are staying in Georgetown and would like our dinner/plans to be relatively close to that area or near a metro stop. We won’t have a car and taxis are tough to get on New Years.

Does anyone have any suggestions for us? We are a couple in our 30's that would ideally like to go to a nice restaurant that will have a good atmosphere (music, dancing, etc). Great food is a must. Price isn't a huge concern but would like to keep it under $150pp for the night.

Are any of your favorite places doing anything special for New Year's Eve?

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  1. Most likely you will have to make 2 stops one for dining and another for dancing

    G-Town - Bourbon Steak at the Four Seasons - I hear its good I will let you know Sat since I am going tomorrow

    Dancing depends on what type of music you like.

    1. Citronelle and Cafe Milano are both outstanding restaurants in Georgetown and nice. Not sure about music dancing but might want to check out what the hotels are offering.

      1. Lost Society might fit the bill. it's at 14th and U, easily metro accessible.

        1. Just wanted to clarify my original post. Dancing/club atmosphere isn’t a necessity. A nice restaurant or restaurant/bar with some music and a fun atmosphere for New Years would be great.

          Appreciate all the great suggestions!

          1. I liked Dino's menu for NYE and they are very metro accessible.

            Before going to Cafe Milano, I'd check out this article, http://www.tnr.com/blog/timothy-noah/...

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              I love that article and agree 1000%!

            2. Still looking for some NYE suggestions. Unfortunately I dropped the ball and haven’t made any reservations yet. Any suggestions for late dinning on NYE are welcome! Thanks for all of your help!

              1. The Washingtonian did a NYE round up:

                CoCo Sala is a great place and might be a fantastic NYE given the indulgent nature of its food.

                1. We had a fantastic NYE dinner and evening at the Tabard Inn (http://www.tabardinn.com/). Dinner was excellent and they had a band upstairs.

                  1. You might have problems booking some of the better/more popular restaurants at this stage. Places like Citronelle book far in advance even when it's not a holiday. Depending on the hotel you are staying at, your best bet may be with the hotel restaurant which might guarantee tables for hotel room guests.

                    1. Thanks for all of the suggestions! Jeserf's link to the Washingtonian magazine NYE list was VERY helpful! We were able to get reservations at Zaytinya and at Poste. What do you think of those options? Which would you choose?

                      My impression is that the food will be better at Zaytinya but Im not sure about the NYE atmosphere. I have reservations for the "roast and toast" at Poste where it seems like the NYE activities will be in full swing.