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Dec 15, 2011 01:05 PM

New Indian restaurant "Baingan" coming to Shelton, Ct

Was on my home from work and noticed where Bella Vista restaurant was that there is a sign on the front of the building that "Baingan" indian restaurant will be opening soon. So glad we are getting an indian restaurant in the valley, it's about time!!!!

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  1. Can't wait! Any idea when this place is supposed to open?

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    1. re: KristineP

      it doesn't say but I drive by during the week so I will keep an eye out!

      1. re: javaandjazz

        just spoke with them 12/22/11 and they said they will be opening on the 2nd week of February with a Friday-Sunday buffet.

        1. re: camera49

          great, thanks! Looking forward to it.

      2. re: KristineP

        Hey guys. we went today (friday the 13th april'12) to "Baingan"and it was a lucky day for us.
        The food was awesome, and the interior was also good especially at the back side of the restaurant facing the river. Comparing to other Indian restaurant @orange like coromandal and star of India, I feel this was better than those. Even the buffet cost was competitive ..less than 10 bucks. enjoy and have a great weekend!!!

      3. That's good. Hopefully some South-Indian dosas will be on the menu.

        I got turned off to Bella-Vista when they put out the "Smoking Permitted on Patio" sign.
        It would be nice to overlook the river without getting a lung full of wafted cigarette smoke. I would tolerate a good Cuban, however.

          1. It is OPEN. We ate there first week of May 2012 and it was GREAT. Yes they DO have dosas on the menu, and the food was incredibly good. It is comparable to Coromandel (we thought better... then naan was lighter and more filling to the dosa) and the flavors excellent. The prices were lower than Coromandel, and it was closer for us (we live in Stratford) so it was a win-win-win!

            The interior of the place gets a B... it isn't spectacular but fine. We are looking forward to enjoying the HUGE outdoor deck however when it gets warm this summer. I love when restaurants offer outdoor space that isn't on the road or parking lot!

            The owner let us know that the owners are primarly I imagine if you have a dish from Nepal that you like, you could ask for it.

            Great service too! It was a great night.

              1. re: javaandjazz

                I was there the 3rd day they opened in late March. I did post somewhere on this board.

                To recap, the dosas were not available at that time (purveyor deliveries etc, or kitchen shake-downs).

                The food was tasty & well prepared. I would stay away from the Asian-fusion appetizer, just didn't do it for us.

                They do have a luncheon "barf-ette" & will check it out. You can see how much care the staff puts in their food even though they are just doing it in mass quantities.

                1. re: algct

                  thank you for a real review and to Jimmy C who told me he went also and enjoyed it!