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Dec 15, 2011 12:44 PM

Looking for Sonoran Hot Dogs in San Diego, ideally North County

I will be in San Diego over Xmas/New Years staying in Carlsbad and am wondering if there is anywhere that serves Sonoran hot dogs - bacon wrapped dogs covered with beans, cheese, onions, mayo, ketchup, jalapenos, etc. I don't have time to get to Tucson this trip so I was wondering if there is anywhere in SD selling them - whether a restaurant or food truck. I've looked online and can't seem to find anything. I have a car so would be willing to drive if there is nothing in North County

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  1. Quickest/easiest bet might be Lucha Libre which is pretty close to the airport. Not really a fan of LL but friends rave about them, usually after a night of drinking...

    I'm sure others will know of food trucks/stands around town.

    1. Los Taco in Oceanside usually has them on their black board menu. They switch back and forth between these and TJ Dogs.

      Not on the printed menu so I would give them a call first.

      Los Tacos
      2183 Vista Way
      Ste B-9
      (between Ivy Rd & Jefferson St)
      (760) 757-8226
      Oceanside, CA 92054

      1. There is a guy at the Linda Vista farmer's market on Thursday afternoons who sells bacon-wrapped dogs. I don't remember if he had beans available, but everything else you mentioned was on there, I think. They're messy but good.