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Dec 15, 2011 12:39 PM

dinner on christmas day in portland and brunch on the 26th

anyone know of any decent places open for dinner on christmas? i read the recent thread on chinese restaurants (thinking that i might have the best luck with those), but i didn't see anything that looks terribly promising. i live in manhattan, so i have access to good chinese food here. i know i may have to default to that option, though!

i would also appreciate any recs for a breakfast/brunch spot on the day after christmas.

thanks in advance!

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  1. Here is a list:

    It's not very exciting. I would probably go with the Heathman or Urban Farmer, from that list.

    Breakfast/brunch is actually hard, because that Monday will be a holiday. I would check out the usual places that are recommended for brunch on here and call them.

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        Others on that list that are well worth it: Cocotte, Accanto, Andina, Basta's, Bar Avignon, Beaker and Flask, Castagna, Cabezon, Departure, Fratelli, Lauro, Lincoln, Metrovino, Paley's, Tabla, Wildwood, Country Cat.