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Dec 15, 2011 12:38 PM

Whole Foods cupcake recipe?

Recently had a vanilla cupcake from Whole Foods -- it was just what I like in a cake! Dense, moist, flavorful -- the frosting was not even needed. Does anyone know what type of cake it is? Or even better, have a recipe that will produce a cake with a similar texture? I've tried lots of cake recipes in the past but nothing I've made has ever been so dense and moist... Thanks!

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  1. For a dense and moist cake, I prefer to use the 2 stage mixing method.. ie mix all the dry together, then i add in softened butter til dry is just moistened. i mix all the remaining liquid stuff together, and add it in several additions til just combined.

    was this a yellow vanilla cupcake or more white? i can give you a recipe, though i don't have the WF one...

    1. The densest moist cupcake I make is from Restaurant Eve's cake batter. You start w/ melted butter. I also wonder if Whole Foods refrigerates its cupcakes. I find that, especially w/ butter based cakes/cupcakes, refrigerating them makes them dense if you eat them slightly cool. I like it but know a lot of people who don't like the texture as much.

      1. I'd like a recipe, I love whole foods cakes and would like to know how to make it like they do.