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New York-style pizza in the south metro?

Hello everyone-- I'm craving a piece of what I'd describe as New York style pizza-- large, thin, and foldable. Triangular cuts, no mountain of cheese, toppings or grease, not a cracker crust, but not a dense chewy one either...
There was a thread from 2007 about this, but I'm wondering if anyone has more recent recommendations? I'm in the Nokomis neighborhood, but proximity isn't all that necessary. I just want to know where to get the good stuff!

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  1. If we're sticking to the south metro, you should check out Pizzeria Lola at 56th and Xerxes. They've got the crust you're looking for, even if some of their pies are outside the box with regards to toppings.

    Otherwise, Black Sheep makes the best pie in town, in my opinion. With Lola a respectable second.

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      Well, Lola and Black Sheep aren't really traditional New York style, really. They're more like high-heat Neapolitan style. Not what I think of when I think of large, thin, and foldable.

      I wish I had a better suggestion, but I've had a hard time finding the same thing.

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        I totally agree that they aren't true NY style. But they're probably as close as you're going to find here. More so with Black Sheep.

    2. Tino's Pizza on hwy 7 in Minnetonka would be my first rec.
      In near south/uptown, Galactic Pizza on Lyndale used to be a fantastic option in this genre, but I haven't had it in years so ymmv. Their menu looks great but a litttle frou frou by NY pizza standards.

      1. I am in the Nokomis neighborhood as well! The only one here that may be close is Fat Lorenzo's.

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          I grew up in MN, so my whole family lives there, but I live in CA (actually in DC for a short period), and one place that they tried to win me over with was Fat Lorenzo's. I thought the pizza was not very good, and a notch above Domino's. Definitely not NY Style.

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            Lorenzos is sooo doughy. just kills it for me. I'll second broders being the only resemblance of the thing. Hiawatha Pizza by cub on minnehaha would fit the bill, but it is maybe take out/dine in only, and hours are touch and go. maybe a whole pie would be ok, but they don't have enough turn over volume for the pie to be fresh enough to be good for a slice. A slice of NY is marginally NY style, but they have stromboli and garlic knots. Quality is a b-.

        2. Broders' Cucina Italiana. Most people know Broders for their fantastic selection of imported foods (or the pasta bar across the street) but their pizza is one of (if not the) best New York style pizzas in the Twin Cities.

          And at 50th and Penn, not far from your neighborhood.

          1. I honestly don't know of a NY style in the Nokomis area. A Slice of New York, on Nicollet was tasty, but I can't vouch for how close it is to real NY, as I've never visited NY.

            If you'd settle for just good pizza, there's a new place on 34th Ave and 56th(?) called DiNoko's. It's awesome. My favorite in the neighborhood.

            1. The Grand Ole Creamery Pizzeria in St Paul on Grand. Really worth the trip.

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                I live in the Nokomis neighborhood and Fat Lorenzo is within walking distance. And I don't go. The food is really terrible. They have a great location, so there's good traffic. But I limit myself to the gelato.

                Having grown up in NYC, I go to Galactic Pizza for my fix. Theirs have a reasonably good crust, not overloaded with cheese, and you can get anchovies! In the Summer, I always enjoy watching the delivery guy in the superhero costume.

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                  I too am in walking distance to Fat Lorenzo's, and haven't gone in about 2 years. Their pizza is terrible.

                  Lately we've been getting pizza from Broders. Not perfect, but pretty good. The other good place for that style is Slice of New York, on Nicollet. Nothing here is a match for the foldable slice, but those two, along with Galactic, are at least on the right track.

              2. The best I've found thus far is Andrea's in the skyway. The issue is it is only really open for lunch which makes eating there if you don't work downtown a challenge. I do ask them to make my slice "well done" and if Andrea is there he will comment that you must be from NY, because if he served it well done no one in MN would want it (really, making sure the cheese is good and melted, the rolled part of the crust crispy, and maybe a bubble if you're lucky).

                The sauce, IMHO, is a tidge too sweet, but as I said, it's the best I've had since moving here from NY 11 years ago.


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                  I always found it fascinating how long people were willing to wait for Andreas...granted....its good...really good..but great...I dont think so...more times than not its a little doughy...but they do have a fantastic selection.

                  For a great deal go to Ginellis on Tuesday in skyway...On tues before 11:30 its like $2.22 for a slice.
                  On a side note, just bought some dough from Byerlys..threw it on the grill...really good stuff...for homemade that is....and kind of fun